Chapter 47: Shi Wangcheng’s Change (Part One)

Xia Qiu heard Ouyang Yong and Shi Wangcheng’s voices which were faint at first and then got clearer slowly.

“Why do you have so much confidence in that boy? I think he’s got a long way to go compared to his father and his grandfather,” asked Shi Wangcheng after some careful consideration.

“Because he’s the Fox Spirit King’s heir and was born with the talent and potential of a Fox Spirit King; besides, the power of the Silver Fox God in his body has awakened. He just needs time to gain more experience,” Ouyang Yong answered firmly.

“In my eyes, he’s just a novice. He is not even good at talking to people. How can he shoulder the responsibility of a king and lead the entire world?” Shi Wangcheng persisted.

“Do you know why he looks so cold and wary? Other than the fact that he lost his parents when he was a baby, don’t you think we’re to blame, too?” Ouyang Yong put emphasis on the word “we” to include himself. “After his father, the previous king Xueye, died, we, as elders, couldn’t bridge the opposing parties among the counts and aristocrats in the capital city or unite them. As the heir to the Fox Spirit King, Xiaoleng couldn’t even live peacefully in his own palace in the capital world and had to be raised by Hongye in the human world. What he got is little compared with what we’re supposed to give him. How could a boy growing up in such a circumstance be happy and sunny?!”

“Alas! This is not the time to assign blame. Right now, the crisis we face involves everyone’s life. Even if we solved the crisis in the Tianquan Hall, we’d face another war against Green Cloud. Don’t you think the situation is hopeless?” Shi Wangcheng sighed at the inevitable disaster for the spirit world. “I’m willing to contribute the last strength in my body to delay the inevitable destruction of the spirit world, but it’s far from enough. What will come will come no matter what we do.”

“In fact, I sank into despair several times. When Lord Li passed away, I thought the spirit world had come to its end; but then Xueye came into power and brought the world back to prosperity. Again, Green Cloud damaged the world and we have to start again. But I saw hope in Xiaoleng and felt the great transformation in him. Ever since he met that human girl, he began to open his heart little by little and became more mature and considerate. I think the new era belongs to Xiaoleng, Xia Qiu, and Qianqi! No one can predict the future, but I believe in these young people and have decided to stake the remaining years of my life on them. If I can do it, why don’t you take a gamble and trust them, too?” Ouyang Yong told him his thoughts in one breath.

The new era belongs to Xiaoleng, Xia Qiu, and Qianqi—these words resonated in Shi Wangcheng’s head. He once had his own era. Born as a count’s son, he wasn’t satisfied to live under his father’s aura and joined the first king Li’s army when he was only a youth, determined to become a fearless and great warrior. At the beginning, many people doubted him and thought his glory came from his high birth. He had been discouraged and dispirited, but Li never gave up on him. Without Li’s encouragement and approval, he’d never fulfill his dream. Because of this, he respected and loved Li and protected him at the risk of his life. Right now, Xiaoleng was also a youth as he had been but faced more doubt and disapproval than he had once faced.

He began to understand Ouyang Yong’s feelings. Ouyang Xiaoleng had Li’s blood in his body, and this was the important time for them to trust and support Li’s grandson. He said, “Fine. I’ll support him!”

Xia Qiu’s heart rejoiced in the conversation between Ouyang Yong and Shi Wangcheng and wished she could tell Ouyang Xiaoleng immediately that he had gained Shi Wangcheng’s approval. But she couldn’t do it; in the state of Soul Departure, she was only a shadow for the people in the real world.

The more she thought about it, the more listless she felt. When she was almost paralyzed, someone standing behind supported her. It was the first time that she felt someone’s touch in the Soul Departure state. Alarmed, she turned around and saw the person was Feather Crane Immortal. He had followed her in her Soul Departure, which proved that he was indeed the best Soul Departure user.

Due to her great concern for Ouyang Xiaoleng and the situation in the capital city, she had soon entered the Soul Departure state after falling asleep on Immortality Island. Also in the Soul Departure State, Feather Crane Immortal followed her into the Tianquan Hall of the North Star Palace in the capital city. Due to her weak Soul Departure ability, the strength of her soul would fluctuate under outside influence, which was a great danger for her. Fortunately, he was by her side and could give her proper guidance, otherwise her soul would be damaged. He took her hand and guided her soul to retreat into her body on the Immortality Island.

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