Chapter 47: Shi Wangcheng’s Change (Part Two)

When Ouyang Xiaoleng and his companions returned to the capital city of Yongchuan on their spirit horses, they were met with deathlike silence. Except for a few aristocratic carriages drawn by spirit horses going in and out of the North Star Palace, they saw not a single pedestrian. Usually this was the busiest hour on the business street, but doors and windows were closely shut; it was obvious that people were more anxious than before they left. They dismounted before the North Star Palace and dismissed their spirit horses. At the gate, they saw Thorn who had come out to meet them.

“How are things going in the city?” Ouyang Hongye asked him as they walked toward the main hall.

“As you saw, everyone is panicked. Many people tried to flee to the human world, but Lord Yong ordered his subordinates and the cavalry regiment from Dongyao to guard the Double Life Black Corridor. Not able to enter the human world, some people went into hiding while others took shelter in the North Spirit Palace,” answered Thorn.

“So… many people are allowed to stay here?”

Ouyang Hongye saw the palace was thronged with counts and aristocrats. With different emotions on their faces, they swarmed up to Ouyang Hongye and his companions; fortunately, Thorn kept them away with his sharp thorns and flames all over his body. They retreated with a disgusted look on their faces and swallowed back their words.

“Lord Yong and Elder Cheng have been suppressing the godly powers from leaking out from the four godly columns in the Tianquan Hall. After you went out to search for the sky rune, the security of the North Star Palace has relaxed. Other than the people you see here, many more are staying in the front hall; they even brought necessities and have camped outside the Tianshu Hall. Yanming the stone spirit is there trying to calm them down. Let’s take the side passage to the main hall.” Thorn led them to the right.

Before they entered the Tianquan Hall, Ouyang Hongye sensed that Lord Yong and Shi Wangcheng’s spirit powers had weakened a lot after they left. He murmured to himself, “We come just in time with the sky rune!”

“Yeah, you came right on time. Lord Yong and Elder Cheng can’t go on like this any longer. After the land rune came, the situation got a little better, but in the last couple of days, the other two godly columns have worsened,” Thorn said anxiously. As he delivered updates about the situation in the capital city and information from Ouyang Hongye to Lord Yong each day, he had seen the old man was aging fast. He was truly worried about him.

Hearing Thorn’s words, Ouyang Xiaoleng quickened his steps; when he walked into the Tianquan Hall, he saw two old men who bent slightly due to exhaustion. Only a few days had passed since they left, but the two elders had aged visibly, and the outer layer of their spirit power auras looked very faint.

Seeing them, Ouyang Yong heaved out a sigh of relief. “Thank god you guys are back, otherwise our old bones would turn into dust very soon.”

Fenghuo strode to Shi Wangcheng’s side and knelt before him. “We’re back, my lord. We brought back the sky rune.”

“Xiaoleng, you need to unleash the Silver Fox God’s power in your body again,” Ouyang Yong nodded at Ouyang Xiaoleng and said.

Ouyang Hongye took out the bag containing the sky rune and handed it to Ouyang Xiaoleng. Taking the bag, Ouyang Xiaoleng activated the Silver Fox God’s power and revealed his original form of the Fox Spirit King.

Ouyang Yong and Shi Wangcheng exchanged a look and loosened the spirit power chains that had been holding the Vermilion Bird column and Black Tortoise column in place. Meanwhile, Xiaoleng removed the ribbon from the sky rune. As the sky rune was spread out, it turned into the shape of an umbrella engulfed in golden lights and spun up into the air; the umbrella grew larger and larger until it covered the Vermilion Bird column and Black Tortoise column, sealing them completely.

Finally, Ouyang Yong and Shi Wangcheng could stretch their limbs which had gone stiff long ago. If not for their thousand-year spirit powers and physiques which were much stronger than human’s, they would have died after days of continuous work without sleep. Ouyang Hongye and Ouyang Xiaoleng helped Ouyang Yong stand up from ground and sit on a chair; Fenghuo and Wangyue did the same with Shi Wangcheng.

Sitting down, Ouyang Yong asked with sudden realization, “Where’s Xia Qiu? Why isn’t she with you?”

“When we saw Feather Crane Immortal at the Crane Spring Land, he proposed to give us the sky rune on the condition that Xia Qiu stay with him for a while. We didn’t know why he made such a request, but Xia Qiu agreed to it to save the spirit world. So…”

Qianqi interrupted Ouyang Hongye, “So they sold her for the deal without hesitation.” Days had passed but Qianqi still felt tight in the chest with fury and frustration whenever he thought about it.

“You sound as if you were not there with us,” Ouyang Xiaoleng retorted.

“She wouldn’t listen to me. Some people could have stopped her but didn’t do it,” Qianqi shot back.

“Feather Crane Immortal has few interactions with the world, but I heard he’s a mild guy who never leaves the Crane Spring Land. He’s a master living in seclusion from society.” Ouyang Yong tried to appease the two angry youths.

“Or maybe he’s a pervert with an unknown background,” Qianqi said childishly.

“What is done is done. It’s useless arguing about it. We must save our energy on solving the problems we’re facing and wait for her to return,” Ouyang Hongye patted Qianqi on the shoulder and comforted him.

“Give us some time to rest before we prepare for the ceremony,” Shi Wangcheng said suddenly after his breathing returned to normal.

“Ceremony? What ceremony?” Ouyang Hongye was puzzled.

“Xiaoleng’s coronation ceremony,” Ouyang Yong said with a smile.

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