Chapter 48: Before the ceremony (Part One)

“What?!!” Ouyang Hongye couldn’t believe his ears, astonished by Shi Wangcheng’s drastic change in attitude. He knew Xiaoleng was supposed to ascend to the throne after they came back with the sky rune and land rune, still he was stunned when Shi Wangcheng made the proposal. “Elder Cheng, you… have no objection to it?”

“The spirit world has just experienced a huge crisis and was almost destroyed, which changed my view on many things. Since we could survive such a huge crisis, I think it’s a sign; it’s telling us it’s time to get everything to its rightful position and start again.” Glancing at Ouyang Yong, he continued, “The talks that I had Elder Yong over the last couple of days gave me new hope.”

“Right! Right! It’s a bit rushed but we must announce the news that Xiaoleng will soon ascend to the throne of the spirit king immediately. Yanming is having a hard time getting those counts and aristocrats under control. Let’s have the coronation in three days’ time. Hongye, you’re responsible for the preparation of the ceremony! All our people are at your disposal. Elder Cheng and I need some good rest.”

Ouyang Yong entrusted everything to Ouyang Hongye. Then he and Shi Wangcheng returned to their respective residences to recover their strength in seclusion and wouldn’t come out until the coronation.

They didn’t have much time for preparation, but Ouyang Hongye wanted to make the coronation as grand as he could. The capital city wasn’t as prosperous as before, but it was the first big ceremony in the spirit world after the Great Battle 16 years ago. This city had been dismal for so long and it needed something joyful to cheer people up.

Red carpets covered every inch of the ground from Tianshu Hall to Qianquan Hall; golden draperies fell from the ceiling; gold lamps and utensils that had been buried in dust were dug out and placed in the main hall. The esteemed counts and aristocrats were invited to the coronation, including the Ember Dragon King. He hadn’t stepped out of Dongyao for many years, but this time he decided to come. On one hand, he wanted to extend his congratulations to Ouyang Xiaoleng in person; on the other hand, he missed his son Qianqi and wanted to see him.

Qianqi had never left his side before this trip. No matter how willful and naughty he was, he had been under the wing of his father and no one dared to scold him or harm him. Ember Dragon King knew his son more than anyone else. Qianqi was hot-tempered but had a big heart. Ember Dragon King knew that he had spoilt his son and made him a little arrogant and self-centered, so he wanted to see if his son had changed his ways while he was away from Dongyao.

Before Qianqi got the news that his father would come to the capital city, he had decided to take the spirit horse cavalry regiment to the Crane Spring Land immediately after the damned coronation. If Feather Crane Immortal refused to release Xia Qiu, he’d build a bridge rock by rock until he could step onto the Immortality Island. During the three days after they returned, he hadn’t stepped out of his residence in the Fuxing Hall and locked himself in his room most of the time. For some reason, he didn’t want to see Ouyang Xiaoleng; he’d be overwhelmed by fury when he saw Ouyang Xiaoleng even though that guy was born to be the master of the spirit world; even though that guy’s spirit power was greater than his; even though all the other people stood by that guy’s side. Qianqi didn’t care; he just wanted to stay with Xia Qiu.

Ever since Ouyang Xiaoleng returned to the North Star Palace, he had been surrounded by people. He felt that it was a bit ridiculous when groups of counts and aristocrats came to congratulate him, surprised by their hypocrisy. Because he’d soon be crowned as the king, the people who had regarded him with enmity not long ago began to flatter him with big smiles as if nothing had happened. He didn’t need anyone’s flattery, and the crown was only a means for him to declare war against Green Cloud. But Grandpa Yong and Ouyang Hongye had told him that if he wanted to revive the spirit world and contend against Green Cloud, he must learn to handle these people and use them to solidify his position and build his army.

To lead these hypocritic people as their king, he must learn to control them with both mild and severe measures and know when to be tough and when to be subtle. In fact, even his father couldn’t make all of them submit to him. These people were cowardly and greedy; only a few of them retained their noble and pure souls. However, this wasn’t the only thing that gave him headaches. He had to decide on the color and style of his dress robe for his coronation. He detested the spider spirit called Thousand Hand, who was the best tailor in the spirit world but couldn’t stop babbling about his experiences of making dress robes for the previous kings Li and Xueye.

“What’s your favorite color?” Before Ouyang Xiaoleng could answer, Thousand Hand continued, “Blue is too common. How about golden? Golden makes one feel like they are covered in drapes. Red…feels like a column. Yellow is the favorite color of human emperors, but I personally don’t like yellow!”

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