Chapter 5: The appointment of destiny (Part One)

Bubbles popped up on the liquid surface that was as smooth as a black mirror, emitting the smell of methane. The cave was quiet as the ghost servants standing around the Dead Water Pond watched uneasily for Mother Rakshasa’s reaction from the corner of their eyes. None of them dared to make a move, afraid they’d be burned into black coal instantly if they did.

Sitting in her grand chair, Mother Rakshasa bit on her lip hard, frustrated that her infallible plan was ruined by the heir of the Fox Spirit King again. No matter how many livers were placed before her, they held no attraction to her compared to that one liver. At the thought of that liver, her mouth turned dry and her lips seemed to be on the verge of cracking. No matter how many livers she stuffed into her mouth, they couldn’t ease her hunger.

She needed that human girl; the great power hidden inside the girl’s body would make her the most powerful spirit under Green Cloud, so she’d have the right to rule the three worlds together with him.

After she returned from the capital city of the spirit world, Xia Qiu found it hard to stay calm. After all, she had gone to the legendary world that she had dreamed of ever since she was a child; she couldn’t forget the view of the white lotus against the purple sky or her feeling when Ouyang Xiaoleng pulled her up into the sky and she soared in the air with him. Her heart flipped whenever she remembered his words “Do you dare to put yourself into my care?” even though she knew it was only a slip of the tongue.

On the next day, she went to the Old Ouyang Manor again after school. Hearing that Xia Qiu had agreed to come to the house, Ouyang Hongye set the date immediately and informed Wangyue and Dong Muya to come.

“Today you’ll see two other people. One is Wangyue. His older brother was a rabbit spirit named Tingyue who was a count and my father and Hongye’s best friend. Tingyue died, too, in the Great Battle 16 years ago. Wangyue who had been roaming the human world and the spirit world for dozens of years returned to the capital city; he later inherited his brother’s countship and became a supporter of me, the third Fox Spirit King. He loves Hongye as an elder brother and take orders from the First Elder and Honeye despite his seemingly flippant ways. He’s trustworthy,” Ouyang Xiaoleng told Xia Qiu as they walked on the maze lane leading to the Old Ouyang Manor, 

“Who’s the other person?” Xia Qiu was puzzled when Ouyang Xiaoleng stopped.

“You know this person. Wait until you see this person,” he said mysteriously.

Flower fragrance welcomed them when they walked through the gate of the Old Ouyang Manor. Xia Qiu felt as if she had walked into spring and her heart turned light with it. Walking behind Ouyang Xiaoleng, she was amazed how familiar they had become to each other. Their leaving school together in these two days had drawn their classmates’ attention. When she said goodbye to Liu Lingmei today, her friend had said meaningfully, “Qiu, I’m surprised that you’re leaving me behind.”

Xia Qiu thought for a long while but still couldn’t understand what Liu Lingmei meant. But she had no time to dwell on it because she saw their teacher Dong Muya sitting on the sofa when they entered the living room. Dong Muya had left school after telling the students to have a self-study session; it turned out she had come here. But this wasn’t the most important thing; the most important thing was that she had known Ouyang Hongye and Ouyang Xiaoleng since a long time ago.

“Xia Qiu! Xiaoleng! Here you are.” Dong Muya had been typing on her laptop and looked up when she noticed people coming into the living room.

“Ms. Dong Muya?!!” Xia Qiu knew her eyes were not playing tricks on her but still felt incredulous.

“I gave you a start, right? In fact, I wanted to tell you about it long ago, but Hongye said…”

“Ahem…” Ouyang Hongye sitting beside her interrupted her with a cough.

“So she’s the human girl you guys mentioned, huh?” A strange guy’s voice came from a corner.

Xia Qiu looked toward the direction of the voice and realized she hadn’t noticed the newcomer when she entered. Wearing a purple robe, he was playing with the teacup in his hand with his head lowered.

“Hi.” Xia Qiu nodded at the guy.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“He’s Wangyue! He has lived hundreds of years but still blushes when he speaks to women!” Ouyang Hongye teased.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“No one knows how to talk to women better than Hongye.” Dong Muya smiled at Xia Qiu and said, “Come and sit with me.”

Sitting down, Xia Qiu took tea from Ouyang Hongye and studied Wangyue who was sitting in a corner. Wearing a green robe, he looked as old as Ouyang Hongye with a powerful body. Under his thick eyebrows, his round eyes had deep red pupils, which were very unique. The shape of hair on his temples looked like scissors, and his long hair fell down his shoulders in countless small braids, giving him the look of a warrior in a computer game.

“Muya, are you ready? Can we begin now?” Ouyang Hongye asked after Ouyang Xiaoleng sat down.

Even though Xia Qiu had accepted the fact that Ms. Dong Muya had known Ouyang Hongye and the others long ago, she was still startled when Ouyang Hongye called Dong Muya’s name so intimately, which convinced her that Dong Muya had a close relationship with these guys.

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