Chapter 5: The appointment of destiny (Part Two)

“I’m ready. I’ll begin now.” Dong Muya pressed the ON button on the projector attached to her laptop, showing a map of family tree of the Ouyang Family on the wall. Many names of the lowest two branches on the tree were circled in black frames. She continued, “The people in black frames have been proved deceased or declared missing and these all happened in the past six months. Over five months ago, Ouyang Xinhua, one member of the 84th generation of the Ouyang Family, died in a car crash in Nanjing; one month later, Ouyang Xinye, also a member of the 84th generation, drowned in Guangzhou; two months ago, Ouyang Yuzhen and Ouyang Yujin, members of the 85th generation, died of minor diseases; one month ago, Ouyang Yucheng went missing after going out with friends and I’m afraid he’s dead, too. At first glance, these death and missing incidents are tagged as accidents and regarded as unrelated, but they happened in such a short period that I found them highly suspicious. I think some people are systematicallykilling descendants of the Ouyang Family.”

“Undoubtedly! Lately I got news from information vendors I knew when I roamed the spirit world and there is evidence that Green Cloud’s minions are being active in the spirit world and even the human world again and they are obviously up to something. But the two elders and aristocrats in the spirit world have shown no reaction to the information and even ignored it. They just don’t want to face the reality that Green Cloud is back!” Wangyue said in resentment.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“I told you descendants of the Ouyang Family have the innate ability to make blood pacts with Fox Spirit Kings. They are being killed because some people are trying to stop them from becoming Xiaoleng’s blood pact partner,” Ouyang Hongye explained to Xia Qiu; then he turned to Dong Muya and asked, “Muya, I asked you to do an investigation on the Ran Family. How is it going?”

“Besides his daughter Susu  who’s also Xiaoleng’s mother, Ran Tianqi only has a son Ran Tianyou and a granddaughter Ran Mingzhu. The Ran Family has been evil spirit hunters for generations and the members have moved overseas long ago. I think Green Cloud knows that no one in the Ran Family will help the spirit world now that Susu is dead.” Dong Muya was very confident in her information collecting ability.

“You’re wrong. Xiaoleng is also from their family and he’ll help the spirit world! As the son of the previous Fox Spirit King, Xiaoleng also inherited the evil spirit hunter bloodline from Susu. He was born with this talent; I never saw this talent of his, but Xia Qiu did!” Ouyang Hongye said hotly.

“I heard about it. Xiaoleng only read some mantras that dispel evil spirits and devils but could break Mother Rakshasa’s mind-control spell. It’s amazing!” Dong Muya looked at Xiaoleng with appreciation in her eyes.

Instead of listening to their conversation, Xia Qiu’s mind turned to the information about the deaths of the Ouyang descendants. Ouyang Hongye had told her that each Fox Spirit King must find his fated blood pact partner to unleash the powers that the Heavenly God put in their bodies. If her memory served her right, she was the best human candidate to make a blood pact with Ouyang Xiaoleng. She had known with personal experience how powerful Mother Rakshasa was and knew she’d have died long ago if not for Ouyang Xiaoleng’s protection. Maybe, except for the recent incident, he had saved her many more times without her knowing.

She looked at him. When he was with other people, he was always silent and expressionless, but she could see the surging emotions in his grey blue eyes and was drawn by them. She wanted to know more about him, about the blood pact and his mortal foe Green Cloud; she wanted to find a way to express her gratitude and other subtle feelings for him.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Can I really become the blood pact partner?” With her head lowered, Xia Qiu murmured as if she was asking herself.

The room fell silent as they looked at her, as if the air in the living room had stopped moving. Ouyang Hongye had been thinking hard how to inform her of the urgency of the blood pact in an easy atmosphere, but before he could give his prepared speech, she cut to the chase herself.

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