Chapter 5: The appointment of destiny (Part Three)

“Yes. As I told you, you’re the best candidate; in the current situation, you’re the only candidate. Ever since our previous king Xueye died in the battle, the spirit world has lost its prosperity and began falling apart with different cities and states working on their own; only the capital city Yongchuan is still under the control of the aristocrats. But the elders from the big houses in the city bury their heads in sand like ostriches and don’t want to face the reality that Green Cloud has returned. At this moment, making a blood pact has a special meaning and faces greater difficulty than before. I may sound self-depreciating, but the truth is that the spirit world was severely damaged by Green Cloud when it was in its prime with two Fox Spirit Kings dead one after another. If Green Cloud attacks us again before Xiaoleng unleashes the power of the Silver Fox God, we will be destroyed. But Green Cloud’s ambition goes beyond the spirit world; he’ll probably turn the human world into a living hell, too,” Ouyang Hongye told her the situation bluntly in one breath.

“I saved you once when I was a child, but I guess you’ve saved me countless times since then. If I tell you I want to make a blood pact with you, you’ll think I’m doing it to repay you, but it’s not true. I like your world even though I don’t know it very well. I want to gain the power not only to help you but to protect my family and friends as well. Our fates having been intertwined for a long time, but our worlds have been connected for a time much longer than that.”

Xia Qiu gazed at Ouyang Xiaoleng with clear and determined eyes. She knew he tried to stop her from becoming his blood pact partner to protect her, but now she must tell him this was her decision; she had made the decision without outside influence.

“I’m amazed how well Xia Qiu understands the situation! Xiaoleng, now that Xia Qiu has made the decision, you…” Ouyang Hongye couldn’t believe how smooth things were going. 


When Ouyang Xiaoleng, who had remained silent, spoke this important word, the others were relieved, especially Ouyang Hongye. He felt he was one step closer to fulfilling his promise to Ouyang Xueye and Ran Susu.

This thought brought him back to that bloody night 16 years ago. The bell on the Watch Tower ringing for the new year became the knell for the capital city and the entire spirit world. With help from his spies in the capital city, Green Cloud and his army killed their way into the North Star Place, leaving blood and bodies in their wake. 

His sworn brother, the second Fox Spirit King Ouyang Xueye, ordered the remaining troops to escort civilians in the capital city to safety while he and his wife Susu remained in the city with a few subordinates to battle to the death with Green Cloud and his army. Ouyang Hongye had desperately wanted to stay with Ouyang Xueye and Ran Susu until the last moment, but they entrusted their only son to him; he couldn’t refuse this request, knowing they were determined to fight to death.

He’d never forget how Ouyang Xueye took out the Spirit King’s Crown from his body and put it slowly into the small infant who was Ouyang Xiaoleng before kissing the baby with his wife; it was their last farewell to their son but they didn’t shed a tear.

Ouyang Hongye took the baby, bundled him before his chest and killed his way out of the North Star Palace; as he did all this, time seemed to have stopped and his brain went blank. He saw nothing but red. He did nothing but slash his sword repeatedly. He couldn’t even remember how he escaped to the Old Ouyang Manor with the baby. When he woke up, he was lying in bed and Dong Muya was standing before him with Ouyang Xiaoleng in her arms. From her eyes, he knew it was over; the two people he loved dearly had gone.

“Let’s do some celebration! Tonight, we must have a feast! Hongye, you’re responsible for the cooking!” Dong Muya saw from Ouyang Hongye’s eyes that he was remembering the painful past again. To distract him, she clapped her hands and made the announcement.

“Now that I think of it, I haven’t had a meal cooked by Hongye for a long time. Let’s drink some wine, too!” Wangyue stood up from the corner and seconded the suggestion.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Am I your maid?!!!?” Drawn from his painful memory, Ouyang Hongye pretended to be angry.

“Okay! While Hongye cooks the supper, let’s do something fun. Xia Qiu, which do you want to see first, my secret base or Xiaoleng’s bedroom?” With a chuckle, Dong Muya pulled Xia Qiu up from the sofa.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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