Chapter 52: The spirit king’s coronation (Part One)

Since the Spirit King’s Crown was in Ouyang Xiaoleng’s body and the most important part of the coronation was crowning, he’d summon the Spirit King’s Crown from his body and let Ouyang Yong, the First Elder of the spirit world, put it on his head.

The Spirit King’s Crown was the only key to open the Black Fire Hell, and Ouyang Hongye was afraid that Green Cloud’s people might be hiding in the audience of the coronation to take the crown by force. So, he put most of the troops he could gather around the Tianquan Hall and stationed guards at each entrance; meanwhile, he would keep watch inside the hall together with Qianqi, Wangyue, Fenghuo, Yanming, and Thorn.

They suspected Green Cloud had planted a spy in the city long ago, and this scheming enemy had been unusually quiet lately. Ouyang Hongye was uneasy and felt as if a pair of eyes were watching them from the darkness and a pair of invisible hands would reach out and destroy their achievements any moment. In the past few days, he had been busy preparing for the coronation and didn’t have time to see Ouyang Xiaoleng. He could do nothing but pray for the success of the ceremony. As all these troubling thoughts flashed across his mind, the coronation started.

The bell on the watchtower rang eight times, signaling the beginning of the coronation. The trumpeters standing on both sides of the red carpet leading from the Tianshu Hall to the Tianquan Hall raised their heads and blew ivory trumpets. Meanwhile, Ouyang Hongye and Yanming walked into the Tianquan hall; behind them were Elder Ouyang Yong and Elder Shi Wangcheng, who walked with the help of Wangyue and Fenghuo respectively; then came the Ember Dragon King and his son Qianqi. Ouyang Xiaoleng took the rear.Today, he looked extremely composed as he walked slowly and steadily with the fish-tail hem trailing gracefully behind him on the red carpet. His chiseled face raised high with a kingly arrogance, drawing gazes from the counts standing on both sides.

The trumpets stopped after they entered the Tianquan Hall. The hall fell silent as everyone held their breath. Upon entering the North Star Palace, the guests had been engulfed by the grand and solemn atmosphere. They had been astonished that the coronation would be held as scheduled; looking at the luxurious display in the palace, they seemed to have returned to the prime time of the spirit world 16 years ago.

For the people who had gone through the Great Battle, the last time they had attended a grand ceremony was a memory full of darkness because Green Cloud had attacked the capital city as people were celebrating the new year. After that, no grand ceremonies had been held in the spirit world, and people avoided mentioning the words “grand ceremony” since they’d remind themselves of that horrible bloody slaughter. Now the capital city, which had been desolate for years, would have a new king; it gave people hope as if spring had returned.

Ouyang Hongye walked over and stopped before the throne; facing the counts and aristocrats, he said, “At this moment, I think your feelings are as complicated as mine. In the past 16 years, we avoided mentioning the words ‘grand ceremony’ or the sudden attack or Green Cloud’s name. 16 years ago, we lost not only our peace, prosperity and glory but our friends as well. But we survived it, even though in shame. To make sure we could survive, our previous king Ouyang Xueye, the second Fox Spirit King, sacrificed his life. He believed that we could find a way to bring glory back to the spirit world. He gave us hope at the price of his life, but what we have done doesn’t deserve his sacrifice.

“In the past 16 years, we were suspicious, depressed, doubtful, and decadent. We wasted so much time. While we’re struggling to rebuild the world, another crisis is coming our way. The person whose name we don’t want to mention, Green Cloud, is back and challenges us in all sorts of ways. It’s time to wake up; we must pull ourselves together and work together.

“But before that, we need a new king. This king has the Fox Spirit King’s bloodline and will, at the decree of the Heavenly God, lead us to rebuild the spirit world and engage in a war that Green Cloud will start any moment. He’s young but has activated the Silver Fox God’s power through the blood pact and has just saved the spirit world from destruction. He has gained the two elders’ approval and the Ember Dragon King’s support. I believe no one will question his entitlement to the throne of the spirit king.” Ouyang Hongye paused, and no one voiced any objections; then he continued, “Now, the coronation of the spirit king commences! Ouyang Yong, the First Elder of the spirit world, will crown the new Fox Spirit King.”

Ouyang Xiaoleng raised his hands before his chest and silvery lights shot out from his chest while the Spirit King’s Crown was released from his body slowly. When it stopped in his hands, it revealed its form in the real world; made by the Heavenly God from a bone taken from the Silver Fox God’s body, the silvery crown was purer than ice and brighter than the moon with a godly stone embedded on the top. With the appearance of the Spirit King’s Crown, Ouyang Xiaoleng released the Silver Fox God’s power from his body and revealed his original form of the Fox Spirit King. His silvery long hair, fox ears, larger build, and bluer eyes reminded people of the first Fox Spirit King Li.

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