Chapter 54: The illusive information vendor (Part One)

“I must go and see Ms. Dong Muya,” Xia Qiu said with gritted teeth despite her reluctance to leave him.

Ouyang Xiaoleng’s mood had greatly lightened; he nodded and then yelled to the distance, “Come out, Hongye! I know you are there!”

Ouyang Hongye walked out from his hiding place with a smile. He had been watching them the whole time. Ouyang Xiaoleng had never looked so light-hearted after they returned from the journey searching for the runes. Ouyang Hongye relaxed finally at the sight.

He walked to Ouyang Xiaoleng’s side and bowed to him formally, saying, “At your service, Your Majesty!”

Exasperated, Ouyang Xiaoleng gave him a dirty look. “Didn’t we agree that you don’t have to talk to me so formally when we’re in private?”

“Yes, we did,” Ouyang Hongye answered and winked at Xia Qiu with a sly smile.

“Please escort Xia Qiu to the Old Ouyang Manor for me. She needs Dong Muya’s assistance to help the Feather Crane Immortal,” Ouyang Xiaoleng said in resignation.

“Okay. But Xia Qiu, you need to see another guy before you go back,” Ouyang Hongye said as he looked at her with his speaking eyes.

“Oh? Who is it?” Ouyang Xiaoleng interrupted immediately.

“If he knows Xia Qiu was back but didn’t go to see him, he’ll throw a tantrum. I advise you to say hello to him before you leave,” Ouyang Hongye shook his head and said.

“I should see him.”

Xia Qiu knew Ouyang Hongye was referring to Qianqi, so did Ouyang Xiaoleng.

“If my guess is right, he is now with his father. Come with me.” Ouyang Hongye ushered her out of the Yuheng Hall.

Qianqi had been with his father these days. After the coronation, the Ember Dragon King would soon return to Dongyao. Qianqi had planned to return the Crane Spring Land to find Xia Qiu after his father left.

After coming to Yongchuan, the Ember Dragon was surprised to find that his health had improved as he was engrossed in Ouyang Yong’s collections of weapons and secret scrolls of martial arts technique. He discussed about these techniques with Qianqi and gave his son lots of advice on how to increase his spirit power and battle force. Anyway, he wanted Qianqi to grow into a fine warrior as soon as possible.

In the past, he had only taught Qianqi self-defense skills, thinking his son wouldn’t leave his side. But the situation had changed and Qianqi would face very tough battles. A veteran himself, the Ember Dragon King knew how cruel the battlegrounds were and his son might lose his life if he wasn’t strong enough. So, he must teach his son all his skills and experiences as soon as possible, so his son would have a greater chance of survival.

After saying goodbye to Ouyang Xiaoleng, Xia Qiu went with Ouyang Hongye to the Ember Dragon King’s residence. The dragon king and Qianqi were talking animatedly about the battle techniques described in a scroll borrowed from Ouyang Yong. They didn’t stop until Ouyang Hongye walked up to them.

“Greetings to the Ember Dragon King! Qianqi, guess who came with me.” Ouyang Hongye teased him.

Qianqi froze for a moment and then asked with sudden understanding, “Xia Qiu?!!! Where is she?!!!”

“She’s waiting outside.”

Before he could finish, Qianqi ran out and saw Xia Qiu was indeed standing outside. He was a talkative boy, but now he didn’t know what to say and didn’t know he should cry or laugh. When she told him that she needed to hurry back to the Old Ouyang Manor to find the Feather Crane Immortal’s past, he insisted on going with her. Knowing how stubborn he was, she agreed.

Excited that Xia Qiu was back, Qianqi ran back to say goodbye to his father. With Sanmu busy collecting information from his rat spirit spies all over the spirit world about Green Cloud’s whereabout, Dongyao was temporarily headless, so the Ember Dragon King must return to the city on the next day. He had many words to say to his son before his departure but seeing Qianqi had dumped his melancholy all of a sudden, he knew the girl waiting outside was the person that his son wanted to cherish.

Qianqi’s chest tightened when he said goodbye to his father, surprised that separation from his father had drawn them even closer; he had always wanted to leave the sheltered life provided by his father, but now he was reluctant to say goodbye.

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