Chapter 55: Back to the human world (Part One)

“Xia Qiu, Qianqi. You’re back,” Dong Muya said with a smile. She didn’t remember the last time when she smiled like this; she was so tired that her whole face was stiff.

“Yeah. I just came back from the Immortality Island,” Xia Qiu answered.

“I heard that you met the legendary Feather Crane Immortal. What kind of person is he?”

Dong Muya’s interest was piqued at the mention of the Immortality Island. She had been fascinated by the legend about the Feather Crane Immortal when she read it. The story about a beautiful man who woke up in a paradise island without his memories and lived with only cranes as his companions always appealed to women; besides, she was a fan of beautiful looks.

“He’s very kind and pitiable… I came back to ask for help from you. Without the sky rune, he has become weaker each day and might die at any moment. I think if we can find the clues to his lost memories, they might save his life.”


“I see.” Dong Muya paused for a moment and remembered the guy named WiseMan. “I found a guy selling this kind of information. He called himself the Truth, which is quite distasteful, but some of my friends say his information is quite accurate. The fellow is very slippery and even broke into my computer! I don’t know where he got his information, but I think he knows lots of things not recorded in my information bank. I’ll ask him about it.”

Dong Muya had talked to WiseMan a few times. The price he asked for the information about the Black Death was too high, so after some deliberation, she only bought from him information about the Soul Departure Technique. She had thought she’d catch him when he received the payment, but to her surprise, he didn’t mention how to pay him. As she wondered about it, she received a text message from her bank telling her that an amount of money had been drawn by herself. He had even cracked her bank password; how powerful was this guy? The more she thought about it, the more astonished and apprehensive she was.

Xia Qiu was reassured by Dong Muya’s answer and admired her teacher’s extraordinary abilities even more. Satisfied that she had found an opening to solve the mystery about the Feather Crane Immortal, she decided to go upstairs and make phone calls to her family and Lingmei. She had left her cellphone in the Old Ouyang Manor.


“These, these… I’ve never read about these in my books. They are miraculous!” Qianqi had been stunned by the computer, and after he saw the novel device called a cellphone in Xia Qiu’s hand and heard about its functions, he was so astonished that he couldn’t speak coherently.

Xia Qiu entered the upstairs room that she had used and called her family and Liu Lingmei. To reassure them that she was fine, she forced herself to remain calm despite the tears in her eyes.

The first call she made was to her grandparents and her grandpa answered the call. Still under Ouyang Xiaoleng’s hypnosis, they were not worried about her staying in the Old Ouyang Manor and told her about their life over the last two weeks. Knowing they were healthy she relaxed a bit. In her conversation with her dad on the phone, she was surprised at how warm he sounded. She had thought he would scold her but he didn’t sound cold; at the end of the call, he even told her to take good care of herself, which made her realize for the first time in her life that her dad truly loved her. Liu Lingmei complained about her not answering calls at the beginning but then asked how she was doing lately; after that, she told Xia Qiu about the interesting stuff that had happened in the school in the last two weeks.

After hanging up, Xia Qiu burst into tears. She wanted to lock herself in her room for the rest of the night but had to go out because Dong Muya insisted on taking them out for dinner. Seeing her red-rimmed eyes, Qianqi wanted to stride over and ask her why she had cried, but Dong Muya stopped him. She knew very well how Xia Qiu was feeling; no words could comfort her, and it was better to distract her with something else.

“A new restaurant opened recently on the business street and I’ve been wanting to try it. It offers western style fast food. I’m sure you young people will like it.”

As she spoke, Dong Muya suddenly realized that she was truly getting old. She had once thought time had stopped for her; since the day she met Ouyang Hongye, she had contact with a world and lots of mysterious stuff that she had never imagined before. Engrossed in this world, she had thought time wasn’t important to her.

When Xia Qiu came along and did things that she had done as a girl, she began to realize she was no longer young. She looked younger than most women of her age, but she was, after all, 34 years old. Compared with Ouyang Hongye’s ageless looks, she had turned from a girl to a woman in the last 20 plus years. She had decided to hide from Ouyang Hongye when she was old and wrinkled, so he’d only remember her youthful face.

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