Chapter 56: The white crane and the black crane (Part One)

Dong Muya sipped her tea and continued, “Fine! I’ll cut to the chase! Didn’t the Feather Crane Immortal say that he woke up with the sky rune? Look here. Where did the sky rune come from?”

She flipped to a page and pointed at the paragraph that she had highlighted with a marker.

“The god world,” Xia Qiu answered without thinking.

“Exactly. These are the key words! So the Feather Crane Immortal must be related to the god world in some way! Look here. This is a plausible explanation. The Heavenly God Qiansu raised many spirit beasts in his palace in the God Realm; one of them was a white crane with a red pattern in the shape of red lotus flower on its head. As the Heavenly God’s favorite spirit beast, it was mild in temperament and often danced gracefully. Another spirit beast, a black crane, tried to steal the sky rune from the Heavenly God to increase its godly power but was discovered by the white crane. They fought and injured each other severely. Finally, the white crane took the sky rune but fell from the god world with the sky rune. Since then, no one knew whether it was alive or dead. I think this legend is very interesting. Since the Feather Crane Immortal woke up with the sky rune on the Immortality Island, I wonder if he is the fallen spirit white crane.”

Dong Muya flipped the pages and read aloud the parts that she had marked down.

Xia Qiu remembered the Feather Crane Immortal’s huge red headwear; she hadn’t realized until now that it was indeed in the shape of a red lotus flower. The huge white wings on his back corresponded with the description of the spirit white crane in the records that Dong Muya had found. Then a misgiving struck her, and she blurted out, “Does it mean that it was dying when it fell into the spirit world and the sky rune for some reason extended its life? If the sky rune is gone, then…”

“If the legend is true and he’s the spirit white crane from the god world, then he’d have died long ago without the sky rune; he had fatal wounds after all,” Dong Muya made the conclusion reluctantly, knowing Xia Qiu would be sad to hear it.

Xia Qiu’s eyes turned red-rimmed as tears welled up. If Dong Muya was right, then Xia Qiu was one of the people who murdered the Feather Crane Immortal because she had participated in taking the sky rune from him. She wondered how she could deliver such information to the Feather Crane immortal.

“What’s the black crane’s deadliest weapon?” Qianqi asked after a moment of consideration.

“That guy provided this information, too. He said that its deadliest weapon was its feathers on the wings; they contained a poison that only the Heavenly God can detoxify,” answered Dong Muya.

Qianqi chuckled and turned to Xia Qiu with such confidence that it seemed as if he had the entire matter under control. Xia Qiu froze when she saw his expression.

He comforted her, “Don’t cry! Even if the spirit white crane got this poison when it fought with the black crane and the Feather Crane Immortal was transformed into by the spirit white crane, there’s one person who can save his life!”


Xia Qiu and Dong Muya asked at the same time, “Who?!!”

Qianqi waited for a few seconds before answering, “Me!”

“Oh, of course! Dragon blood can detoxify all poisons; besides, Qianqi’s father the Ember Dragon King came from the god world.” Dong Muya patted her own head for not realizing it earlier.

Xia Qiu remembered that Qianqi had saved her life with his dragon blood when she was dying from the poison in the water of the Death Water Pond.

“If this information and our deductions are right, then my dragon blood can act as the antidote for the poison. Let’s return to the spirit world as soon as possible!” Qianqi suggested, happy that Xia Qiu had stopped crying.

Xia Qiu didn’t know what to say. It was her who had made the promise to the Feather Crane Immortal, but Qianqi offered his dragon blood to save the Immortal’s life without hesitation. Dragon blood was a precious antidote; after Qianqi saved her life with his blood, Grandpa Yong had told her that dragons, as one of the noblest creatures, seldom gave their blood to others.

“Treat it as if I’m compensating him for misunderstanding him earlier. He has a sad life. If he’s truly the spirit white crane, then the sky rune is the only thing that can control the poison and sustain his life. By taking the sky rune from him, I’m one of his murderers,” Qianqi scratched his head and said.

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