Chapter 59: The sweet moment (Part One)

After Xia Qiu and Ouyang Xiaoleng returned to the school, Qianqi was unhappy that he couldn’t go with them. Concerned for his father’s health, he decided to return to Dongyao. He was still guilty for parting with his father in a haste before he went with Xia Qiu to the human world to look for the Feather Crane Immortal’s lost memories. Besides, he wanted to go home and learn more from his father on how to increase and use his spirit power.

Ouyang Xiaoleng had been thinking of showing Xia Qiu around the Yuheng Hall. It was still early after the school’s sports meeting ended, so they returned to the North Star Palace in the capital city. He led her across the quiet courtyard and into his room, which his parents had lived in.

For some reason, Xia Qiu had a strong feeling that she had once been here before when she stepped into the room. She guessed it was a sign of Soul Departure and didn’t think much about it. She studied the displays in the room and found the furniture and decorations very simple and elegant which reflected the personalities of the previous inhabitants. The curtains were mostly white, and the furniture were made of rosewood which were still giving off a unique fragrance after being in use for many years. Smelling the scent, she felt even heavier in her feet and finally dropped to the floor, unconscious.

A beautiful and elegant woman sat in the chair by the round table in the center of the outer room with an infant in her arms. The baby’s mouth curved up in a smile even in sleep. A man walked up and looked at the baby carefully and reached out to touch his little face teasingly. The man resembled Ouyang Xiaoleng except for his older age and softer expression on his face.

“Xiaoleng will be one month old at the end of the year. We’ll have his one-month party together with the New Year’s celebration. It’s a good opportunity for people to get together and have fun!” The white-robed man bent over and put one hand on the woman’s shoulder gently; his loose long hair dangling from his temples brushed her face.

“Yeah. Look, he’s smiling again. The boy loves to smile,” the woman answered as she gazed at the baby.

Xia Qiu knew they were Ouyang Xiaoleng’s parents, Ouyang Xueye and Ran Susu. They looked so young, not much older than herself, and she could see how much they loved each other. Knowing they couldn’t see her, she walked up and gazed at the baby Ouyang Xiaoleng. Indeed, he loved smiling; he looked so happy as he was basking in his parent’s love. Remembering the change in him later in his life, her heart went out to him.

He was the spitting image of his father Ouyang Xueye; only Xueye’s profile was a bit softer and his eyes were a shade paler than his son’s. His mother’s beauty was other-worldly, pure as a lotus flower and proud as a plum blossom. At this moment, she was holding her baby with such tenderness and love; she was full of the joy of a new mother.

The scene turned fuzzy as Ouyang Xiaoleng’s call dragged Xia Qiu back from the Soul Departure. He had been alarmed when she dropped to the floor. Immediately, he carried her to the bed and gazed at her, wondering what she was dreaming about. When he saw tears flow from her closed eyes, he was alarmed and shook her lightly, calling her name.

When she finally opened her eyes, he relaxed and asked, “What happened?”

Xia Qiu didn’t answer; she just sat up and held his shoulders tenderly. Not wanting to sadden him with what she had seen, she just held him silently for a long while.

After she calmed down, she changed the topic to the skills of Soul Departure that she had learnt from the Feather Crane Immortal on the Immortality Island. She had had frequent Soul Departures while she was on the island but still couldn’t use the talent proficiently.

According to the Feather Crane Immortal, different people used different methods to achieve Soul Departure and she wondered if the method of merging with nature suited her. He also mentioned the method of merging with emotions and feelings. Humans were more attuned to feelings and emotions from others and she was especially sensitive to people’s emotions; maybe this was her method to achieve Soul Departure. Ouyang Xiaoleng’s parents must have had spent lots of happy time in the room, so their feelings were stored in this space and she was drawn into it by their deep love for each other.

As Xia Qiu remained silent, Ouyang Xiaoleng guessed that she must have seen a past scene in this room, probably something happening here when his parents alive. He didn’t pursue the topic.

Xia Qiu suddenly remembered that in her Soul Departure, Ouyang Xueye mentioned that on the first day of the New Year, Xiaoleng would be one month old, which meant that his birthday was very near. She had heard Ouyang Hongye mention that Ouyang Xiaoleng refused to celebrate his birthdays. Considering that his parents died soon after he was born, she understood his reluctance to celebrate his birthday. Her mother had died when she was little and her father had never been around, but her grandparents never forgot to celebrate her birthday. After she and Liu Lingmei became friends, the latter would celebrate her birthday with her each year. Compared with Ouyang Xiaoleng, she had a much happier childhood. At this thought, she decided to celebrate his birthday for him in her own way.

She asked Ouyang Hongye and learned that Ouyang Xiaoleng’s birthday was December 1st. On the day before his birth, it got colder; during the night, the city had the first snow in that winter. On the next morning, Susu gave birth to Xiaoleng. As Xueye stood in the snow outside the house waiting for his son’s arrival in the world, he didn’t feel any chill in the air probably because of his excitement or the rising sun. When he walked into their room and saw the new-born baby’s white skin basked in the morning light, he decided to call his son Xiaoleng, which meant a little cold in the sun-bathed snow.

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