Chapter 6: Plum Blade (Part Three)

“Many years ago, Xiaoleng’s mother said almost the same words as yours. This place is beautiful but a bit lonesome. At that time, the capital city was as prosperous as the human world, but in Susu’s eyes, the people here have lost some valuable things due to their long lifespan. For example, because of their short lives, humans cherish feelings more, have more passion in things they love and are more adventurous with the unknown things.” 

Hearing Lord Yong mention Susu’s name, Ouyang Hongye’s shoulders shook slightly as his heart trembled; his expression changed a little, too. Xia Qiu looked up and happened to see the change.

“Xia Qiu, I’m sure Xiaoleng didn’t tell you that the view of white lotuses against purple sky was a gift to his mother from his father. His father did it on her first birthday to make her happy. In his heart, Susu was like a pure white and holy snow lotus. Before they met, I never saw this romantic side in Xueye,” Ouyang Hongye said the words to disguise his unguarded look a moment ago.

The story behind the view of white lotus against the purple sky totally fascinated Xia Qiu. How dearly did the man love his wife that he’d do such a romantic thing? When the streetlamps were lit one by one during the night, they illuminated not only the capital city but the two hearts that deeply loved each other.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s get to the business!” Ouyang Yong glanced at Wangyue who was drenched in alcohol fumes and said with a frown. Then he smiled at the girl leaning against Ouyang Xiaoleng. “Xuetu, go and find another place to play.”


Reluctantly, Xuetu released Ouyang Xiaoleng’s arm; before she left the room, she glanced at Wangyue and held her nose teasingly, but Wangyue only looked at her gently.

“Xuetu is the daughter of Wangyue’s elder brother. She grew up with Xiaoleng and they’re as close as siblings!” Suddenly Ouyang Hongye remembered he hadn’t introduced Xuetu to Xia Qiu.

After Xuetu left, Ouyang Yong put down his smoke pipe and sipped some tea. When he put down the teacup, the room went quiet.

“The handful of people in this room are the people I can totally trust in the capital city! Today I summon you here to declare our common goal! First of all, I’ll make my position clear. In the past years, due to Xiaoleng’s young age and to ease the tension between different interest groups in the capital city, I had to be silent about Xiaoleng’s inheritance of the throne. But as the First Elder established by the first Fox Spirit King, I’ve never faltered with my position of supporting the Fox Spirit Kings. After the Great Battle 16 years ago, Green Cloud vanished, but the rumors about his minions’ recent activities have been proved true. To brace ourselves for the next bloody storm, the first thing we need to do is help Xiaoleng ascend to the throne. Hongye, what do you think?” Ouyang Yong’s benign face turned serious and said the words with great dignity.

“I agree! There are two parties in the capital city with different stances about the new spirit king selection. One party advocates seniority; it is headed by Second Elder Shi Wangcheng, advocating for you or Shi Wangcheng to be the next king. They have many supporters including most counts and aristocrats, among which are Shi Wangcheng’s adopted sons, Count Fenghua the puma spirit and Count Yanming the stone spirit. The other party advocates young blood, which is Xiaoleng and all the supporters are in this room…”

“That’s long odds. The gap is too big!” The sleepy-looking Wangyue interrupted him.

“But we have three trump cards! The first is you, Lord Yong. As the First Elder of the spirit world, no one has a position or reputation as high as yours. The second is me. As the sworn brother of the second Fox Spirit King, I think I have some weight among the counts. The last one is Ember Dragon King, the master of Dongyao Water City!”

“I agree. Ember Dragon King hasn’t stepped out of Dongyao for years, but he’s as loyal to Fox Spirit King as you and me,” said Ouyang Yong in approval.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“After Xia Qiu and Xiaoleng make their blood pact and unleash the power of the Silver Fox God in his body, we’ll have strength; after I and Wangyue accompany Xiaoleng to Dongyao and gain Ember Dragon Kong’s support, we’ll have allies; the spirit world is always ruled by hereditary monarch, so we got the tradition behind us. With strength, allies, and tradition, I believe we can defeat the party advocating seniority at the spirit king election meeting!”

Ouyang Hongye got more and more excited as he spoke, feeling he was one step closer to his dream. In the past years, despite his love for Ouyang Xiaoleng, Ouyang Yong had been ambiguous about supporting Xiaoleng as the master of the spirit world. But today, he finally made clear of his position.

“Proceed as you said. Two days later I’ll host the blood pact ceremony for the two kids! I need to talk to Xia Qiu in private. You guys stay here; Xia Qiu, come out to the courtyard with me!” Ouyang Yong stood up and led Xia Qiu out into the courtyard. Standing in a clearing among the blooming plum flowers, he took the plum-flower-shaped hairpin from his hair and handed it to her, saying, “Take this plum flower hairpin. It will become your weapon.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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