Chapter 6: Plum Blade (Part Four)

Taking it from his hand cautiously, Xia Qiu found it was light, slim and exquisite. It looked like a black plum tree twig with one end shaped in the form of a red plum flower. She just couldn’t connect it to a weapon.

“Don’t underestimate this hairpin. Calm yourself down and focus your mind on the hairpin in your hand. What do you feel?” Ouyang Yong’s benign look returned as he encouraged Xia Qiu.

Xia Qiu tried her best to calm down; when she did, she began to sense the different feeling that the hairpin gave her—a force seemed to be pouring from the slim hairpin into her body, her nerves and her brain; she felt it was trying to connect itself to her. What did it feel like?

“Saber?!” Xia Qiu blurted out.

“Right! The hairpin is called Plum Blade. For ordinary people, it’s just an ordinary hairpin. But for the people who can sense its presence as blade, it will materialize as a saber. The Plum Blade is a treasure that belonged to the first Fox Spirit King Li. He once defeated a 10,000-year old plum tree spirit and the spirit jumped into fire and merged its bones and soul into this blade. The body of the blade is as black as a plum tree trunk, as light as a twig, but it contains great power. The main difference between this blade and other weapons is that it contains the soul of the plum tree spirit; it only shows its true form of blade at the command of the master that it acknowledges. It remembers the moves its master has used and the attacks that it has blocked, which in turn greatly improves its master’s battle force and defense power. About 20 years ago, it chose Xiaoleng’s mother Susu as its master and accompanied her for years. Now it chose you. I’ll teach you the basic saber moves. When you use it, it will gradually pass the moves in its memory to you.”

She didn’t fully understand Ouyang Yong’s words, but as the Plum Blade materialized in her hand little by little, she was elated. She was even more touched when she heard that it once belonged to Ouyang Xiaoleng’s mother Ran Susu.

“After you make the blood pact, the power hidden in your body will be fully activated. But how powerful you’ll become depends on your talent and how hardworking you’re. The basic abilities such as your physical strength, speed and senses will grow drastically and almost instantly. The senses include your hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch. Furthermore, you’ll learn to look beyond the surface of stuff and feel its essence beneath the veneer, just as you felt the saber presence inside the hairpin. The biggest difference in abilities between us and humans lies in the power of sense. We can sense the essence of stuff and transform it to forces that we can use. No matter it’s wind, water, electricity or air, all the power in the nature can be of our use.” Ouyang Yong continued.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

When he rested his eyes on her for the first time, he had understood why she was one of the god-chosen blood pact partners. The intelligence in her eyes, her composure, and her calmness when she came into the spirit world reminded him of Ran Susu when she first came into this world. Maybe it was why the Plum Blade chose her. She was like a plum flower that bloomed proudly in the cold snow of the deep winter.

Holding the Plum Blade, Xia Qiu listened attentively to each word that Ouyang Yong said. Two days later, she’d become one of them and possess the extraordinary power he had just described. Despite the calmness on her face, strong emotions surged up in her heart. She had no time to think about the hurt she had felt when she saw Xuetu leaning against Ouyang Xiaoleng. The wheel of fate moved so fast that each second brought her new experience and new stuff in this unknown world.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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