Chapter 61: Hidden currents (Part Two)

“You can try concentrating on the things you want to achieve through Soul Departure instead on the Soul Departure itself; it might be easier for you to activate it.”

Hearing this simple sentence from Dong Muya, sudden understanding dawned on Xia Qiu. Indeed she had put too much energy thinking of Soul Departure itself, which made it difficult to activate the process. Maybe Dong Muya was right; she might be able to activate Soul Departure by thinking of the things she wanted to achieve by Soul Departure.

“Oh, by the way, Hongye said Wangyue had been sent to a place named Yinsong to handle some business. He says that you should practice your saber techniques with Xiaoleng next week. And how are you doing with the preparation for the final exams?”

“To be honest, it’s a disaster. For some reason, I just can’t concentrate on the books. I used to think the lessons were easy, but now I can’t put my mind on it.”

“It’s because you’re restless inside. I understand how you’re feeling!” Dong Muya dug out a pile of papers.”These are the key points you need to know for the exams. Well, just do your best.”

Xia Qiu took the papers and nodded in gratitude, saying,”Got it!”

“Are the dark circles under my eyes so obvious?”

Dong Muya asked as Xia Qiu stared at her eyes.

“Haha. Yeah, they are.”

“It seems I need to have a hot bath and get some beauty sleep.”

Walking out from the Old Ouyang Manor, Xia Qiu found the snow was piling up on the ground but the air was extremely fresh. With advice from Dong Muya, her mood had lightened, unaware that something serious was happening in the spirit world.

Situated to the northeast of the capital city Yongchuan, Yinsong was a city that had prospered in the last 100 years in the spirit world. More accurately, it was a mountain that had been transformed into a military factory since the caves in the mountain produced a rare metal similar to iron. After ascending to the throne, Ouyang Xiaoleng talked to Ouyang Yong and Ouyang Hongye about the importance of Yinsong and assigned a trusted count named Gui Mianxie to be its city master, intending to produce weapons in Yinsong for the army in the capital city.

However, Yinsong was attacked two days ago and the count, Gui Mianxie, was killed. Only one subordinate got away alive from Yinsong and came back to the capital city, saying that the people attacking them were very familiar with the terrain in Yinsong; they knew the caves in Yinsong were connected, so they sealed the entrances during the night and launched the first attack with fire and toxic gas; then they charged into the caves and slaughtered the surviving miners and spirit servants. The leader of the attackers looked like a fish but had many arms and a tail; he held spears in two arms, one shield in one arm and a staff in another, looking very ferocious. Immune to the toxic gas in the caves, he had great spirit power and could cast powerful spells; he controlled the minds of Gui Mianxie’s guards and manipulated them to kill each other.

From these descriptions, they had guessed that the leader was Yaksha, one of the most powerful subordinates under Green Cloud. If their guess was right, then Yaksha wanted Yinsong for two reasons: cutting the supply chain of weapons for the army in the capital city and building their own army.

With only one person escaping from Yinsong, no one knew what had happened in the city after the attack. After consulting with Ouyang Yong and Ouyang Xiaoleng, Ouyang Hongye decided to send Wangyue to Yinsong with some soldiers to scout for information. No matter what, they must have Yinsong; if it was taken by Green Cloud’s people, then a battle was inevitable.

They tried to keep the news a secret, still people became terrified as rumors circulated in the capital city. Ouyang Xiaoleng was restless in the Yuheng Hall as he waited for information from Wangyue, wishing to go to Yinsong personally and interrogate Green Cloud’s people to get his whereabouts. Whenever he thought about how Count Gui Mianxie got killed shortly after being assigned to Yinsong, his fury and hatred were so great that they almost swallowed his heart.

Wangyue hadn’t been to Yinsong for years but was very familiar with this place. The late city master Dao Shuo had been his good friend. With a personality as hard and cold as iron, Dao Shuo had looked hard to approach in the eyes of the people not familiar with him. But when people got to know him better, they’d find he was a warm-hearted man despite his cold veneer. He had made the Moon Shadow Saber for Wangyue personally with a rare iron rock.

When Yinsong was attacked by Green Cloud, Wangyue was roaming in the human world; after he returned to the spirit world, he learnt that Dao Shuo had killed himself since he didn’t want to make weapons for Green Cloud. Dao Shuo even ordered his people to blow up the caves so Green Cloud wouldn’t get them. With a bitter smile, Wangyue had lamented about Dao Shuo’s unbending pride; in the capital city, he sprayed a pot of wine in the direction of the northwest as his condolence to the good friend with whom he had used to drink and laugh.

Many years had passed, and he came to Yinsong again after the city experienced another slaughter. Wangyue was never a hateful person. He only hated that he hadn’t fought alongside his elder brother and his good friends such as Dao Shuo since he had been away roaming around the worlds; he always felt that he was partly responsible for their deaths. In his eyes, Yinsong was Dao Shuo and Dao Shuo was Yinsong; getting Yinsong back was getting back what was left by Dao Shuo.

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