Chapter 62: The incident of Yinsong (Part One)

When Wangyue arrived at Yinsong, the air was still permeated with the burning smell and the entire mountain looked desolate under the purple sky. Outside the caves were corpses piled high like hills. He was sad when he thought that the body of Count Gui Mianxie was among them.

To his puzzlement, there were no guards outside the entrance. It seemed this subordinate under Green Cloud was very confident of himself. Wangyue divided his team into two groups; five soldiers went into the caves with him to scout for information while the others waited outside the cave and would go back to the capital city for backup if the first group didn’t come out after a long time.

Inside the cave, the lighting was dim, and the burning smell got heavier with a trace of the pungent scent of toxic gas. The caves were spacious and connected with each other through complex tunnels. The finished weapons and damaged molds were strewn on the ground, and they must be very careful with their steps to avoid making sounds.

The city master’s cave was in a higher position connected to the outer cave with a bridge made with iron chains. Wangyue and his soldiers came all the way to the bridge but didn’t see any enemies, which puzzled him. As he was hesitating if they should step onto the chain bridge, unpleasant sounds of metal grating on metal came from the city master’s cave above them. He gestured for his team to stay where they were and charged up alone with two Moon Shadow Sabers in his hands.

The city master’s cave was so foggy that he couldn’t see anything; the thick humidity in the air blunted his sense of smell, too. The noises of grating metals were still resonating in the cave. Without thinking, Wangyue slashed his sabers in the direction of the sounds, cutting apart the mist before him with his strong cyclone of spirit power. Immediately, he saw a figure not far from him; the figure looked the same as described by the person fleeing back to the capital city. It had four arms, a huge tail and livid skin with sparse white scales. With a white cloth covering his groin, his face was obscured by the darkness, but his killing intent was distinct in the white pupils which were glaring at Wangyue.


“Are you Green Cloud’s subordinate, Yaksha?” Wangyue pointed his saber at him; as the monster remained silent, he continued, “It took you great efforts to take the city and you’re guarding it by yourself?!”

“I alone can guard it. I’m very familiar with this city; I only repeated what I had done 16 years ago.”

As his chilly voice resonated in the cave, the monster continued making the annoying ear-grating noises with his spears and shield. Instantly, Wangyue understood what he meant and was overwhelmed by fury. 16 years ago, it was this monster who had attacked Yinsong and forced Dao Shuo to kill himself.

Spirit power emitted from his body uncontrollably as green flames sprung out from the two sabers in his hands, and his pupils turned into the color of blood. With a roar, he charged at the monster with his sabers. Under the lights reflected from the sabers, he could see clearly the sills on the cheeks of the monster’s face which was as livid as his body; the huge mouth was full of yellowed sharp fangs. Neither fish nor snake, the monster seemed to be a mutant. Facing Wangyue’s attack, Yaksha didn’t dodge; instead, he easily blocked the saber with his shield, showing Wangyue how strong he was.

As Yaksha’s spirit power rose around him, the mist that had been hacked apart by Wangyue came back; it turned out that the mist was formed from the monster’s spirit power. Wangyue knew that he must unleash his full force in each of his strikes if he wanted to defeat the monster.

“Admit it! You’re no match for me! Surrounded by my spirit power, your eyes and nose are useless. You can’t keep yourself alive, not to mention attacking me!”

With a sneer, Yaksha blocked Wangyue’s saber attack with his spear for the second time and stabbed at his opponent. The tip of the spear missed Wangyue narrowly, almost scratching him.

“Moon in Clouds; Flowers in Shadow.”

Wangyue chanted silently as his Moon Shadow Sabers became fuzzy and turned into six sabers. Yaksha had thought the other four sabers were just illusions but quickly found he was wrong. Each saber contained equal strength and forced Yaksha to retreat several steps with one strike.

“I’m surprised that the capital city has masters like you. With your great power, why would you submit to that Fox Spirit King Ouyang Xiaoleng who’s still wet behind the ears and Ouyang Hongye who’s only a descendant of a down-and-out count?”

His words surprised Wangyue; it was obvious that the monster knew what was going on in the capital city very well. On second thought, he wasn’t so surprised; after all, they had attacked the Count Gui Mianxie right after he was sent to rebuild the military factory in Yinsong, which showed how well they were informed. Meanwhile, Green Cloud’s spy who had been lurking in the capital city was still at large. As Wangyue was distracted by these thoughts, Yaksha stabbed him with a spear suddenly; he dodged at the last second and almost fell during the process.

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