Chapter 62: The incident of Yinsong (Part Two)

“Haha! You were so distracted,” Yaksha said in disdain.

Wangyue knew Yaksha was a powerful enemy and he’d lose his life if he wasn’t careful. After some observation, he found the huge tail trailing behind Yaksha made it hard for the monster to move nimbly, which was probably why he liked to stand where he was as he fought. To counter the mist that Yaksha had condensed, he must speed up his attacks and force Yaksha to move; only when he moved could Wangyue find his weaknesses.

Brandishing his Moon Shadow Sabers, Wangyue launched a series of fierce attacks. Caught by surprise, Yaksha was forced to move, but the faster he moved, the clumsier he got. Taking the opportunity, Wangyue leapt up and hacked down with his sabers, knocking the spears from Yaksha’s hands. Overwhelmed by the force from the sabers, Yaksha stumbled and dropped to the ground on his behind.

“It turns out you’re not as powerful as you thought!” Wangyue pressed a saber against Yaksha’s neck and said.

He wanted to cut off this ugly head to avenge Dao Shuo and the people Yaksha had killed, but he knew he must take the monster back to the capital city and let Ouyang Xiaoleng and the others to handle him. Wangyue’s heart ached as he debated with himself; finally, he inhaled deeply and suppressed his hatred.

After Wangyue brought Yaksha back to the capital city, they interrogated and tortured Yaksha but couldn’t get any information about Green Cloud from him. Resigned, Ouyang Hongye consulted with Ouyang Yong and Ouyang Xiaoleng and imprisoned him temporarily in the dungeon under the North Star Palace. Like Ouyang Hongye and the others, Ouyang Xiaoleng was suspicious, thinking they had taken back Yinsong too easily. Green Cloud was very cunning; why did he let go of the place he had taken with so much effort?

On Monday morning, when Xia Qiu didn’t see Ouyang Xiaoleng in school, she had a misgiving that something serious had happened in the spirit world. They hadn’t talked much lately, but he always let Thorn or Ms. Dong Muya inform her if he couldn’t come to the school. But today she didn’t get any messages on her cell phone and Dong Muya didn’t look like she had anything to say to her. The misgiving grew stronger in her heart.

As time went by, she got more and more restless, wondering if something had happened to him. She decided to go to the capital city of the spirit world to find out what was going on.

After school, she changed clothes in the Old Ouyang Manor and went to the Double Life Black Corridor through the maze path. She leapt into the air and flew toward the North Star Palace. As she flew up to the mountain, she saw lots of cavalrymen riding spirit horses and fully-armed soldiers on the Mountainous Road leading to the North Star Palace; the doors and windows of the shops on the streets were tightly shut and the entire city looked to be under a curfew.

Xia Qiu landed before the North Star Palace and saw lots of counts and aristocrats before the gate; they tried to enter the palace but were stopped by the guards.

“He got injured severely by Green Cloud’s people soon after ascending to the throne. I wonder how serious his wound is!”

“I heard that he was wounded by the monster named Yaksha who was caught and brought back by Wangyue yesterday. The monster works for Green Cloud.”

“I think it’s a trap. The monster should have been killed in Yinsong. Why did they bring him to the capital city?!”


“If…the Fox Spirit King can’t survive it, then we…”

“Shut up. The entire city is under curfew; if you’re not careful with your words, you might be arrested as a traitor.”

The words of the counts ate at Xia Qiu’s heart like poison. Ignoring them, she squeezed out of the crowd and ran toward the gate. One of the guards recognized her and nodded at her before signaling the other guards to let her pass.

Her feet moved faster with each step she took as she ran toward the Yuheng Hall, praying that Ouyang Xiaoleng would be fine. In the courtyard of the Yuheng Hall, for some reason, the plum blossoms had all fallen onto the snow lotuses around the tree; the blood-red plum blossoms against the white lotus flowers presented a beautiful but heart-breaking picture.

Ouyang Yong, Shi Wangcheng, Thorn, Yanming and Fenghuo were standing outside Ouyang Xiaoleng’s room, looking tired and distressed.

“Xiaoleng was wounded by Yaksha last night. Hongye is healing him,” seeing her walk over, Ouyang Yong said before she spoke.

Xia Qiu choked back her words and burst into tears. Ouyang Yong walked over and patted her shoulder.

“Good girl. Don’t worry! Xiaoleng will be fine!” He comforted her and himself.

She stood with them and waited silently, hoping Ouyang Hongye would come out with good news. She didn’t know how long she had stood there; her legs were numb, but she told herself that she must remain standing until she got the news that he was out of danger. Her eyes blurred with tears and everything she saw was fuzzy.

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