Chapter 63: The unfair trial (Part One)

The door was finally pushed open and Ouyang Hongye walked out, looking exhausted. He almost dropped to the ground but was supported by Thorn and Fenghuo.


“He…” Ouyang Hongye exhaled deeply. “Xiaoleng made it.”

“Excellent! You’re exhausted after healing him for one day and one night. Thorn, Fenghuo, help Hongye to his room to rest,” instructed Ouyang Yong.


Supporting Ouyang Hongye, Thorn and Fenghuo were about to help him leave when he turned around and said to Xia Qiu in a weak voice, “Go and see him. He’s in a coma but I’m sure he’ll feel better with you by his side.”

Xia Qiu glanced at Ouyang Yong; at his nod, she walked into the room. Behind the curtain, Ouyang Xiaoleng laid in his bed with bandages around his chest and arms; he also had scratches on his cheeks. Occasionally, he grimaced in pain and her heart contracted painfully at the sight. She reached out and touched his cheek to sooth him. The scene reminded her of the first time when she met him many years ago; on that day, he was also wounded. She held his hand and was comforted by the warmth coming from it; she felt lucky that he was still by her side and she hadn’t lost him.

“How did Yaksha get out from the dungeon?”

After taking Ouyang Hongye to his room, Thorn returned to the Fuxing Hall with Fenghuo the puma spirit. Outside Ouyang Yong’s room, they heard Shi Wangcheng’s question.

“I’ve been thinking about it but don’t have an answer. The lock on the dungeon door is intact and the seal was broken from outside. If he doesn’t have the ability to fly out of the dungeon like a cicada casting its skin, then someone helped him out,” Ouyang Yong answered.

“Rumors are spreading quickly in the city saying Wangyue should have killed Yaksha in Yinsong but instead he brought him back to the capital city. They think his behavior is suspicious.” Shi Wangcheng didn’t fully believe these rumors but thought they had a point.

“Do you believe this nonsense? Wangyue just followed the order from Xiaoleng, me, and Hongye and brought the monster back so we can interrogate him for information about Green Cloud.”


“I know. But don’t you think it’s weird? Green Cloud took Yinsong at great costs; how could he leave Yaksha to guard the city by himself? Now matter how powerful Yaksha is, this just doesn’t make sense…”

“I trust Wangyue. His elder brother Tingye was killed by Green Cloud; Dao Shuo, the late city master of Yinsong who was forced to commit suicide by Yaksha, was Wangyue’s good friend. He can’t have anything to do with Green Cloud,” Ouyang Yong defended Wangyue.

“Anyway, we must question him in front of the counts after he returns from chasing after Yaksha; we have to do it to appease those people. Xiaoleng has just ascended the throne and some people are still doubtful of our choice of the king. Now this happened. Alas.”

“Fine. Let’s do as you said.”

After the two elders stopped arguing with each other, Thorn and Fenghuo walked into the room.

“How is Hongye?” Ouyang Yong asked them.

“He fell asleep as soon as he returned to his room,” Thorn answered.

“He needs it. He spent one day and one night healing Xiaoleng with his spirit power. Fortunately, his efforts didn’t go to waste,” Ouyang Yong nodded and murmured to himself.

“Right.” Shi Wangcheng stood up with a sigh. “I’ll go back and grab some sleep. We’ll talk about it after Wangyue comes back.”

The counts and aristocrats waiting at the gate of the North Star Palace finally left after getting the news that Ouyang Xiaoleng was not dying even though he was still unconscious. The atmosphere in the capital city was still tense; soldiers were withdrawn from their posts on the streets, but they patrolled the city every few hours.

Wangyue had been tracking down Yaksha after he got the news that the latter had a sneaky attack on Ouyang Xiaoleng. He was determined to cut off the monster’s head and bring it back to the capital city if he got his hands on him, regardless of the rules. He rode out of the capital city and caught up with Yaksha several times but lost the track of the monster in a forest.

In the short time while he chased after Yaksha, many counts wrote to Elder Ouyang Yong and Elder Shi Wangcheng with made-up evidence, claiming that Wangyue was Green Cloud’s spy.

Ouyang Yong knew very well why these people were so paranoid; the counts and aristocrats always got hysterical when they talked about things related to Green Cloud. They were extremely terrified of him; in the darkness of fear, they would have delusions about Green Cloud and get crazy and hysterical whenever they were facing things and people related to him.

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