Chapter 65: Shadow warrior (Part One)

Following the light, Ouyang Xiaoleng walked out of a narrow and long corridor and opened his eyes in the fragrance of plum blossoms. The figure sitting beside his bed and nodding in exhaustion was the human girl he knew so well. With his left hand in her warm grip, he felt as if her hand was connected to his heart since warmth was oozing from the left side of his chest.

Xia Qiu didn’t know when she had dozed off; she woke up suddenly and found a pair of grey blue eyes were gazing at her.

When she was poisoned by Mother Rakshasa with the Death Water, Ouyang Xiaoleng had sat by her bed waiting for her to wake up; this time, they switched positions and she had been waiting for him to wake up.

“Are you awake?” Xia Qiu gazed at Ouyang Xiaoleng’s beautiful face so engrossedly that she forgot to blink.


Ouyang Xiaoleng had been waiting for her to wake up; in his weak state, his body felt stiff after sitting for a long time. He stretched his neck slightly and let out a low sigh.

“Are you still in pain?” Xia Qiu asked with tears in her eyes.


In fact, the wound that Yaksha inflicted on his chest was still painful when he spoke and breathed despite the pain-killing lotion he had taken. However, looking at Xia Qiu’s red-rimmed and swollen eyes, he didn’t say it, not wanting to increase her anxiety.

“I must go and tell Hongye and Lord Yong that you’re awake! Hongye had been transferring his spirit power into your body to heal you and collapsed in fatigue after you were out of danger. I wonder how he’s doing,” Xia Qiu said with a sniff.

Ouyang Xiaoleng’s heart contracted at her words. Spirits needed a long time to acquire even a little bit of spirit power. No one would heal others with their own spirit power if not in an emergency. He knew how severe his wound was; it must have cost Ouyang Hongye tremendous spirit power to pull him from the brink of death.

He nodded and said to her, “Go then! I’ll sleep some more!”

It was dusk outside. When Xia Qiu came close to Ouyang Yong’s room, she heard grave words from Ouyang Yong and Ouyang Hongye.

“I just went to see Wangyue. He looks okay. We appeased the counts for the time being, but I’m afraid they might change their mind!” Ouyang Hongye furrowed his brows; his handsome face was very pale.


Ouyang Yong’s sigh revealed his exhaustion and anxiety. They had just solved the crisis of the godly columns, and now they were plunged into such a tricky situation.

“I can’t believe Green Cloud was so cunning that he purposely allowed Yaksha to get captured and brought into the North Star Palace so that he could kill Xiaoleng, and he even successfully shifted the blame to Wangyue!” Ouyang Hongye’s fury rose as he thought about it; he clenched his fists so tightly that blood veins bulged out.

“Fortunately, Xiaoleng survived it. Otherwise…” In his life of almost one thousand years, Ouyang Yong had never been so afraid when he heard that Ouyang Xiaoleng might die.

Xia Qiu was still hesitating if she should go in when Ouyang Hongye called out to her, “Xia Qiu, is it you out there? Come in!”

“Xiaoleng is awake!” Xia Qiu walked into the room and said.

“Excellent! I’m relieved!” Ouyang Hongye said in satisfaction and his brows relaxed a bit.

“Right! Finally, we got some good news!” Ouyang Yong nodded and said.

“Has something happened?” Xia Qiu asked tentatively.

“The counts blamed Wangyue for Xiaoleng’s assassination, claiming that he colluded with Yaksha. We were forced to lock Wangyue in the dungeon for the time being!”

Hearing Ouyang Hongye’s explanation, Xia Qiu was astonished. “How could this happen?!”

Ouyang Hongye comforted her, “Anyway, Wangyue is safe for the time being; he only had some physical discomfort. Don’t worry!”

Ouyang Yong changed the subject, “Shall we go and see Xiaoleng now or a little later?”

After a moment of consideration, Ouyang Hongye said, “Later! Xia Qiu, you’re exhausted. I’ll let Thorn escort you back! Tomorrow morning, you can come to the Fuxing Hall directly. I’ll ask Muya to explain your absence to the school.”

Nodding, Xia Qiu said, “Xiaoleng is sleeping and I won’t go and say goodbye to him! If he asks for me after waking up, tell him I’ll come back tomorrow morning!”

Thorn escorted her back home in the form of a little red bird. She had been away from home for one day and one night. Ever since Ouyang Xiaoleng hypnotized her grandparents with spirit power, they no longer worried about her when she didn’t come home for the night. When her father asked about her occasionally, they even made excuses for her. At first, she had felt guilty; later, she found it was the best way she could find in the current situation since it made them happy and saved her the trouble of explaining to them.

Lying in her bed, she couldn’t sleep despite her exhaustion. In the short time since she met Wangyue, she had gotten a good understanding of his character. Physical discomfort was nothing to him, but it was a huge blow to him psychologically to be wrongly accused and imprisoned.

What troubled her more was the great power that Green Cloud had exhibited; she began to understand why people were so terrified of him. Ouyang Xiaoleng had just ascended the throne and such a thing happened, which made her feel that Green Cloud’s invisible claws were waiting in the darkness to attack them any moment. She forced herself to close her eyes and not to think about their difficult situation. She needed to go to the capital city tomorrow morning.

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