Chapter 67: Seeing Qianqi again (Part One)

After Qianqi returned to Dongyao, his father, the Ember Dragon King, nursed him with spirit power and nutritious food personally; he had fully recovered from the loss of his dragon blood and the wounds he had gotten in battles. He looked even stronger than before and had wider shoulders.

During the period, he talked with his father about the experiences and inspirations he had gained on his journey and studied secret scrolls to increase his spirit power and improve his battle skills. Once he had fully recovered, he begged his father to have practice fights with him and gained progress both physically and mentally.

In fact, he was eager to return to the capital city Yongchuan. He missed Xia Qiu so much that he had little appetite for food and always looked distracted. However, whenever he hinted at leaving, his father would look disappointed, which stopped him from making the final decision. If it was in the past, he would have followed his heart and run from his father’s side no matter what. But after going through the crisis of the godly columns and the hardships on the journey with his friends and becoming one of the heroes saving the spirit world, he had grown up and had gotten a better understanding of his father.

However, his control of his emotions hadn’t improved! When the news about Ouyang Xiaoleng’s assassination came to Dongyao, he was unsettled. It was true that he wasn’t in the best of terms with Ouyang Xiaoleng, but they had gone on the expeditions together and he didn’t like to see Ouyang Xiaoleng to suffer. Moreover, he was worried about Xia Qiu, knowing that she must be devastated after Ouyang Xiaoleng was severely wounded; from what he knew about her, he wondered if she’d weep when she was alone and put on a strong façade in front of others. At this thought, he had gotten anxious and decided to race back to the capital city.

After returning to the capital city, he visited Ouyang Xiaoleng and met with Ouyang Hongye and Ouyang Yong. Then he went into the human world to see Xia Qiu. Thinking that she was assisting Dong Muya in the Old Ouyang Manor, he went directly to the house. But to his surprise, Dong Muya was working all by herself in the underground information bank. She told him that Xia Qiu was hanging out with her friend on the business street. Not able to resist his begging, Dong Muya took him downtown to look for Xia Qiu.

Qianqi was relieved when he took Xia Qiu into his arms; despite her struggle, he just didn’t let her go.

“Ahem. Okay, Qianqi. We have company. You’re being rude!” Dong Muya reminded him.

Hearing her words, Qianqi finally released Xia Qiu. The four of them looked at each other in embarrassment. Finally, Dong Muya broke the awkward silence and explained to Liu Lingmei, “This is my younger cousin from Shanghai. His name is Qianqi. He met Xia Qiu when he was here the last time!”

“Oh. Xia Qiu didn’t tell me about you! Hi, my name is Liu Lingmei!” Liu Lingmei was still astonished by the intimacy that the boy named Qianqi showed toward Xia Qiu; obviously, they were not just acquaintances.

“Hi!” Qianqi replied, still not used to this way of greeting.

For some reason, Xia Qiu felt her tightly wound nerves relax as soon as she saw Qianqi and tears welled up in her eyes uncontrollably, which stunned the others.

“Qiu, why are you crying?” Alarmed, Liu Lingmei dug out a pack of paper towel from her school bag and handed her one piece.

“I’m fine!”

Hearing her answer, Liu Lingmei got even more curious. The boy was as tall as Ouyang Xiaoleng but had a totally different personality. When she saw the way he looked at Xia Qiu, her female instincts told her that he liked Xia Qiu.

Patting them on their shoulders, Dong Muya said, “Now that we found you, let’s go have dinner together.”

She was regretting to bring Qianqi out; if Ouyang Hongye knew of it, he’d scold her for it. she must do her best to quench Liu Lingmei’s suspicion.

“We were about to have hot pot. Would you like to join us?”

Xia Qiu said as she took the paper towel from Liu Lingmei’s hand and dried her tears. She knew that her sudden vulnerability had made the situation more complicated.

The four of them walked toward the hot pot restaurant with Xia Qiu and Liu Lingmei taking the lead. Dong Muya grabbed Qianqi to walk beside her, afraid that he’d do something improper again.

The hot pot tasted especially delicious in winter. Qianqi had never had it before and found the ordinary meat slices extremely tasty after cooking them in the hot pot for a few seconds and coating them with sauce.

Watching him gobble down the food, Dong Muya shook her head and handed him a bottle of water, saying, “Slow down. You’ll get indigestion!”

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