Chapter 68: Pointing to the City of Fire (Part One)

Dong Muya returned to the Old Ouyang Manor after supper. Right now, she was working on the new clues that she had acquired from both the spirit world and the human world in past years about the places that Green Cloud and his people were rumored to have visited. Some of the clues had been proved worthless and Sanmu was investigating the most possible places; among these places. Xizhen, Green Soil and Chilemier were the key cities since they had more rumors about Green Cloud and his people than the other places.

She sorted through the records about the three cities. Situated in the easternmost of the spirit world, Xizhen City was named after the first city master whose original form was a thousand-year blue snake; as big as a dragon, the city master had great spirit power and was an expert in the use of hidden weapons coated in snake poison which were so deadly that a tiny bit of it could kill an ordinary spirit. The city was built around the huge white oak tree which she had inhabited before transforming into a spirit, so the city was also called Tree City or Wood City. The residents were the descendants of the people who had lived in the city when it was founded. The outsiders could only stay in the city for no more than three days.

Xizhen the blue snake was very mysterious and only went to the capital city once during the reign of the first Fox Spirit King Li. Most of the time, she stayed in her city and had no interactions with the outside world. Since she wasn’t involved in the politics of the world, people didn’t pay much attention to her. In fact, no one knew if she was alive or not.

As indicated by its name, Green Soil City was built on a land of green soil. Situated to the north of the capital city, it had become a ruin since the great battle between the first Fox Spirit King Li and Green Cloud. The devil spirit clan that had inhabited in the city had left only a few descendants. Count Red Ear Devil Spirit was the descendant of the late city master of Green Soil.

Situated in the westernmost of the spirit world, Chilemier was also called Fire City since the sun was up in the sky day and night, all year round. The red desert was extremely hot but had lots of sand gold buried in it. Many gold hunting spirits came here, digging for gold during the day and enjoying all kinds of entertainments during the night in the underground city.

It took the city master of Chilemier a long time to dig out the underground city. The city master Salamander was a fire lizard spirit and he was so brilliant in business that he’d be a tycoon even in the human world. Chilemier was too hot for people to live but had inexhaustible amounts of sand gold, so he decided to rebuild the city instead of deserting it. He spent lots of gold and hired workers to build a huge underground city under the desert of Chilermier; he moved the entire city to the underground and established lots of entertainment facilities. The sand gold that the gold diggers found in the desert during the day eventually entered the city master Salamander’s pocket during the night.

Dong Muya had a feeling that the tree cities were connected by something but couldn’t figure out what it was. Her information was abundant but didn’t give her any clues for her to dig deeper. She remembered the mysterious hacker WiseMan and wondered if he had more information about the cities; even if he didn’t, he might give her some inspirations.

She had been in contact with WiseMan since last year. For some reason, whenever she was stuck with some tricky problem, he’d pop out as if he was monitoring her. Sometimes this thought gave her goosebumps.

Who on earth was WiseMan? He had been a legend before she had contact with him and after she worked with him, she found the rumors about his abilities were not exaggerated.

With a cup of coffee in her hands, she stared at the screen of her laptop and murmured silently, “Come out! I need you now!”

Miraculously, that chat box popped out on the screen.

WiseMan: puwohsotemrofemitsitiknihti

NoName: ??

WiseMan: I overestimated your intelligence. Read it backward.

NoName: I think it is time for me to show up?

WiseMan: Yeah. Now tell me what’s troubling you.

Noname: What do you know about Green Cloud?

After she typed this question, WiseMan paused, which was not his style.

WiseMan: The most wanted criminal in the spirit world; he appeared in the spirit world one thousand years ago and turned the world upside down, severely wounding the first Fox Spirit King Li and later killing the second Fox Spirit King Ouyang Xueye.

NoName: I’m truly impressed.

WiseMan: Information about him is extremely expensive!

NoName: Name your price. I have good credibility and never delayed your payments.

WiseMan: That’s true. What do you want to know?

NoName: I want to know the places he has visited in the last 16 years, no matter they are in the spirit world or the human world.:

WiseMan: I think you’ve got the answer. It’s right before your eyes, right?

NoName: You mean it’s in my records?

WiseMan: What did you use to light your Marlboro a moment ago?

NoName: Fire…

As she typed this world automatically, understanding dawned on her; she glanced at her camera and saw it flash.

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