Chapter 7: Becoming blood pact partners (Part Three)

The knife had been in Ouyang Yong’s safekeeping and even Ouyang Xiaoleng hadn’t seen it before. As he was thinking about the god world symbols engraved on the dagger, two ghost servants ushered Xia Qiu in from one end of the corridor and he watched her through the plum flowers. With her robe flowing slightly in the breeze, she walked with her head lowered since she wasn’t used to being dressed in this way; her pale cheeks were rosy after bath. Her ethereal beauty drew Ouyang Xiaoleng’s eyes like a magnet. He had seen countless beautiful spirits but Xia Qiu’s beauty was different; it was so pure and peaceful that his breathing became shallow just by watching her.

When Xia Qiu walked into the clearing, a stronger breeze blew some red plum flowers into the air. One flower landed on her hair while others rested on her shoulders. The sight was beautiful. The ghost servants bowed towards Ouyang Yong and backed out after escorting her to the clearing. The ceremony began.

“To make a blood pact, the participants must cut open their palms with the Profound Oath Knife; when the blood of the partners merges, the symbols on the knife will be activated; these symbols are the key to open the seals of the powers hidden in the partners’ bodies. Once the seals are open, the blood pact is established. As the heir to the Fox Spirit King, Xiaoleng will awaken the godly power of Silver Fox God in his body while you, as his destined blood pact partner, will activate the power gifted by the Heavenly God. From now on, your fate will be totally intertwined with Xiaoleng’s fate, the fate of the spirit world and the future of the human world. Your life no longer belongs to you alone. As a blood pact partner, you must have the determination to sacrifice yourself.”

As Ouyang Yong explained the steps of the blood pact ceremony and its meaning to Xia Qiu, he was amazed by the girl’s calm composure given that she had just been attacked by a black wolf spirit two days ago. After he finished speaking, she nodded with determination in her eyes.

“The ceremony begins. Xiaoleng, pick up the Profound Oath Knife!” Ouyang Yong continued.

“Yes!” Ouyang Xiaoleng picked up the knife from the plate and gripped it in his hand.

“I, Ouyang Yong the First Elder of the spirit world, acknowledge Xia Qiu as the blood pact partner and allow you two to make the pact today. If you two have made up your minds, please cut open each other’s palm and hold the Profound Oath Knife with your palms!”

Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu looked at each other. This moment had special meaning for them; the thread of fate let them meet and connected them again even though they had been separated for ten years. Now they’d finally make the pact and become indispensable partners. They both knew that they’d be more than partners.

The moonlight painted the surface of the pure silver Profound Oath Knife into the color of pale purple. Without a word, Ouyang Xiaoleng cut open his palm and handed the knife to Xia Qiu who copied his move without hesitation. Then they pressed their palms together with the knife between them, letting their blood merge on the body of the knife.

“Summon God. Blood pact has been made; seals are removed,” Ouyang Yong murmured.

The Profound Oath Knife between their palms emitted silvery flames which grew higher and higher until a huge silvery fox leapt out of the fire. The fox opened its eyes which were the same grey-blue color as Ouyang Xiaoleng’s.

“In the name of Heavenly God Qian Su, I present the blood pact partners the key to activating your powers. It will open the lock of the forbidden and the restrained, assisting you to complete the task entrusted by the Heavenly God. You’re connected by the blood pact until death sets you apart!”

After speaking the words, the silvery fox disappeared in the flames which grew smaller and smaller before returning into the Profound Oath Knife. Instantly, the knife emitted countless dazzling light beams which entered Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu’s bodies; meanwhile, the god world symbols disappeared from the knife.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xia Qiu felt a surge of power filled her body as vibrations came from the inside of her body; it felt as if a button was pressed, activating her bloodline. Instantly, she came into another space; a huge crown hovered under the sky and shined as brightly as stars in the darkness while Ouyang Xiaoleng stood under it, staring up at it silently. She walked over to him and stood under it, too.

“Look, this is Spirit King’s Crown!” he told her.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Shouldn’t it be inside your body?” Xia Qiu was puzzled.

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