Chapter 7: Becoming blood pact partners (Part Four)

“Yeah. But this is its true form. It’s the key to the Black Fire Hell and its seal, too. Meanwhile, it’s also the source of my power. The blood pact awoke it completely.”

He had complicated feelings for the Spirit King’s Crown. Because of it, he met Xia Qiu ten years ago; he could communicate with it through his soul. Right now, he could feel its satisfaction; now that its longing for power was satisfied, it kept sending out signals of contentment.

“Xiaoleng, your Godly Ice can summon the Ice Flame Godly Fox Sword!” Ouyang Yong’s voice drew Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu back to the real world.

“I summon the ice flames from god for my use!”

Ouyang Xiaoleng put the Profound Oath Knife back to the table and yelled the words. Gradually, a sword engulfed by silvery flames materialized in his hand; its length had doubled. He slashed it in the air twice, and a huge air current blew almost all the plum flowers to the ground.

“Xia Qiu, try your Plum Blade and see if there’s any difference to it!” Ouyang Yong turned to Xia Qiu.

She pulled the plum-flower hairpin from her hair and turned it into a black long saber with a thought. To her amazement, she found she could control it to change from a hairpin to a saber and back at will. When she waved the saber, she felt a force coming from it; it was strong enough to take her up from the ground.

“Excellent! I’m relieved! I’m sorry about the flowers, though! The trees will need time to bloom again!” Ouyang Yong looked at the plum flower petals on the ground and lamented. 

“This is my payment for your wine, old man!” Wangyue lifted his hand and flowers swirled up from the ground and returned to the trees like new.

“Rabbit spirits can turn dead plants back to life,” seeing Xia Qiu’s astonishment, Ouyang Xiaoleng explained.

“I trust you guys have experienced the changes that the blood pact brought to you. But if you want to unleash the full power of the blood pact, you need to keep training and gain more experience in battles. You need to train not only your strength, but your will as well. Without a strong will, you’ll get lost and become slaves to strength,” said Ouyang Yong solemnly to Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu.

“Got it!” Ouyang Xiaoleng answered as he withdrew his sword and turned to Xia Qiu.

The joyous look in his eyes was so rare that Xia Qiu felt it was more important to her than profuse gratitude. All her doubts and uncertainty were over at the moment of making the blood pact; both of them knew that they faced a brand-new beginning. From now on, her world was closely connected to his; they had become each other’s source of power and soul mates and they would give each other emotional support. They were destined to go through fire and water, but they’d grow stronger during the process.

“It’s over finally! Wangyue, I want to have a drink tonight!” Ouyang Hongye had been silent during the ceremony; he was relieved now that it was over and needed some short relaxation time since they’d set off to Dongyao Water City soon.

“It’s always my pleasure to drink with you. Old man, join us!” Wangyue had a big smile on his face.

Xia Qiu and Ouyang Xiaoleng changed back into their own clothes and returned to the human world. As he walked her home, they were silent for a long time. It was cool this early autumn night and Xia Qiu, not wearing her jacket, shivered a bit. Without a word, Ouyang Xiaoleng reached out his left hand and took her right hand, transferring some of his warmth to her.

“Tomorrow I’ll go to Dongyao with Hongye and Wangyue. If things go well, we’ll be back before next weekend,” Ouyang Xiaoleng said quietly. He was a bit sulky at the thought of leaving her, but mostly he was worried.

“How about the school?” Xia Qiu didn’t know why she blurted out this silly question. She had known he’d leave and enlist help from Ember Dragon King in Dongyao, but when the time came, she still felt uneasy and thus spouted nonsense.

“Hongye must have told Dong Muya about it. I guess Grandpa Yong has planned training courses for you and will let Thorn inform you about the schedule.”


“I…” The both of them began after a short pause.

“When I’m gone, Grandpa Yong will send Thorn to guard you, but still you must be careful! Be very careful! If Green Cloud’s minions attack you, don’t fight them; you must run!”

Ouyang Xiaoleng stopped walking and turned to look at her. When he saw the faint melancholy on her face, his heart hurt as if something stung it. No one but she had ever given him this feeling; it made him feel alive as if something more meaningful existed in his life than revenge.

Xia Qiu nodded and looked down at the tips of her shoes. Under the moonlight, there seemed to be a stain on one shoe, but she knew it wasn’t time to think of it. But she felt she’d cry if she didn’t find something to distract her. She seldom cried, but now she felt so melancholic.

Ouyang Xiaoleng took the other hand of hers. They both had a hand bandaged and the cuts for the blood pact had almost healed after applying an ointment made with spirit power; the wounds were no longer painful. He lowered his head, pressed his forehead against hers and inhaled deeply. The fragrance on her body left by the flower bath gave him a sense of peacefulness and security, making him wish time would stop at this moment; but at the same time, he gained strength from her and this strength gave him courage to face the unknown journey.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“I will become a qualified blood pact partner. You must return safe!”

Xia Qiu said another sentence silently but knew his heart could hear it. She had said, “You must return to me.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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