Chapter 8: The black-clothed man’s trap (Part Two)

“I don’t care how the world looks, no matter if it’s the human world or the spirit world; I only care about whom my companions are! When I roamed the worlds with Xueyue and Tingyue, we were so young, arrogant, and fearless, challenging powerful spirits. I miss those days.”

“I wish Lord Xueye and my brother were here.” Wangyue was brought into the past by Ouyang Hongye’s words.

“I say, I’m always surprised that you and Tingyue are brothers. You two are totally different in looks and temperaments!” Knowing his words reminded Wangyue of the sad past, Ouyang Hongye immediately joked to change the topic.

“Yeah. My brother looked more like you!”

“Really?” Ouyang Xiaoleng was interested. Tingyue was Xuetu’s father and his father’s good friend but the count never left a portrait behind. No one had mentioned his looks.

“Yeah. People used to say we looked like biological brothers.” Ouyang Hongye smiled faintly.

“My brother was loyal to his loved ones and was burdened because of it all his life. If he wasn’t, he’d have lived a much easier life.”

“But you’re the same. Look how much you dote on Xuetu!”

“That kid is so naïve. I’m always worried about her.”

Remembering Xuetu, Wangyue couldn’t help smiling. Xuetu, several months younger than Xiaoleng, was the daughter of his older brother Tingyue and Miao Xueyou the Snow Lady. For Wangyue, the kid was the proof that his brother had once existed in this world and the bond connecting him to his brother. She was Tingyue’s daughter but was a smaller version of Wangyue in personality; naughty and vivacious, she was curious about everything. The girl lost her father before she was born; how could Wangyue not dote on her?

The effect of alcohol spread all over Ouyang Xiaoleng’s body. He was interested in the topic about Tingyue but was too sleepy to continue listening; leaning against the broken wall, he fell asleep soundly. Seeing he still had the flask in his hand, Ouyang Hongye took it and returned it to Wangyue; then he untied his cloak and tucked it around Ouyang Xiaoleng. Returning to his position next to Wangyue, he leaned against Wangyue’s shoulder and continued smoking, watching the smoke he blew out float in the air. They didn’t speak while they leaned against each other, deep in thought, savoring the things they had talked about.

It was dead of night and everything was quiet.

Soon, the air had a presence not belonging to the three persons inside; Ouyang Hongye noticed it first and nudged Wangyue to alert him. He analyzed the presence and judged two people were standing within 100 meters from the broken house. Wangyue sensed it too. They exchanged a look and tiptoed to the door, looking toward the direction of the presence.

The strange presence approached them slowly and stopped before the house. It didn’t move for a long time. As Ouyang Hongye hesitated if they should attack first, Wangyue had shot out from the door with a yell. Ouyang Hongye had no time to think and charged after him.

They looked carefully in the dark night as the two shadows hiding behind a broken wall watched them back. As they approached, the shadows retreated swiftly in the opposite direction. For an instant, Ouyang Hongye thought this was a trap and the two people were trying to draw them away. But when Wangyue chased after them, Ouyang Hongye followed him reflexively and ran a long distance without telling the direction.

Leaning on a wall, Ouyang Xiaoleng was sleeping when he felt a chilly light pointing at him. Waking up with a start, he saw a black-clothed man wearing a copper mask standing before him. Weirdly, an arrow and bow grew from the man’s left arm while his right hand drew the bow, aiming the arrow at Ouyang Xiaoleng’s heart. The chilly light he had felt in his sleep was the purple light coming from the head of the arrow.

“Did Green Cloud send you?”

Ouyang Xiaoleng glanced around and didn’t see Ouyang Hongye or Wangyue. His instincts told him that this man didn’t come to kill him since he didn’t sense a killing intent. If the man wanted to kill him, he’d have done it when he was asleep. The guy could conceal his presence until he got close, which showed that he was a very powerful rival. Ouyang Xiaoleng considered how to get out of this tricky situation.

“I don’t know anyone named Green Cloud!”

While Ouyang Xiaoleng was thinking, the black-clothed man answered his question. He sounded very young, probably of Ouyang Xiaoleng’s age.

“What do you want? Where are my companions? What did you do to them?!” Since the guy didn’t admit he was sent by Green Cloud, Ouyang Xiaoleng wondered if he was a bandit. He had a bad feeling about Ouyang Hongye and Wangyue since this guy could conceal his presence.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“My men drew them away and they won’t come back anytime soon. Don’t worry. I just want to have a fair duel with you. The one who loses the duel must agree to do one thing for the winner unconditionally. What do you think?” The black-clothed man issued the challenge.

“If you want a fair duel, why did you sneak up on us?” Hearing the black-clothed man’s words, Ouyang Xiaoleng was even more puzzled. It was ridiculous to sneak up on them for such a trivial purpose.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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