Chapter 8: The black-clothed man’s trap (Part Three)

“You must know that if I truly want to kill you, I’d have done it long ago! Hurry up. If you’re truly the Fox Spirit King’s heir, prove it with your strength. Let’s go out and have a good fight!” The black-clothed man withdrew his right hand from the bow and walked out of the dilapidated house without looking back.

From the guy’s words, Ouyang Xiaoleng could tell that he had known of their visit to Dongyao long ago and had been waiting here to ambush them. But he couldn’t guess the guy’s identity. This guy knew about their trip, so he must have a close connection with the capital city. But Ouyang Xiaoleng didn’t have time to dwell on it now.

No matter if the guy was their friend or foe, he had Ouyang Hongye and Wangyue; Ouyang Xiaoleng must finish the duel with him as soon as possible and force him to release his companions.

With these thoughts swirling in his head, Ouyang Xiaoleng followed the black-clothed man out of the house; they walked through a pile of fallen bricks and came into a small clearing. The black-clothed man lifted his bow and shot several arrows around them; the arrows shot into the ground and made a circle around them. Each arrow burned with purple flames, illuminating the clearing.

“Wind Stop Flames Rise.”

Ouyang Xiaoleng summoned the Godly Ice at the same time that the black-clothed man launched spirit power; instantly, two huge air cyclones rose from the ground and shot up into the sky, intertwined with each other. He found his rival’s spirit power was no weaker than his own. The homeless spirits and ghosts roaming the place were alarmed by their quickly expanding spirit power cyclones and scrambled to flee.

As their cyclones of spirit power got even in the air, the black-clothed man flew up and shot an arrow at Ouyang Xiaoleng without a warning. The arrow with its powerful aura penetrated the protective shield Ouyang Xiaoleng had erected around him with spirit power, forcing him to block it with Godly Fox Sword.

But as he blocked it, more arrows came. Stepping to one side, he dodged them and then leapt up into the air, hacking his sword at the black-clothed man. The black-clothed man blocked the attacks with ease and confidence as if he was sure he’d win the battle. Ouyang Xiaoleng hesitated a moment; the black-clothed man took the opportunity to shoot an arrow at him, scratching his left shoulder. Instantly, the left half of his body almost went paralyzed with pain; there was no blood from the wound, but a bone-chilling sensation numbed him so much that he began to fall to the ground. 

“You lost to me so soon?”

The black-clothed man laughed arrogantly and thus got a bit distracted. Ouyang Xiaoleng gritted his teeth and leapt up, launching fierce attacks with all his spirit power. These attacks were so powerful and fast that they overwhelmed his opponent and inflicted a wound in the black-clothed man’s left arm. As his opponent scrambled to block the attacks, Ouyang Xiaoleng’s spirit power cyclones got the upper hand, forcing his opponent to be on the defense. But his defense was full of holes; Ouyang Xiaoleng lunged at him and stabbed with lightning speed, stopping when the tip was pressed against his chest. It was a fatal attack, but before his sword pierced his rival’s chest, Ouyang Xiaoleng stopped.

“Interesting. Haha!”

The black-clothed man glanced at his bloody left arm and sneered. He had lost but didn’t want to admit defeat. Instead, he summoned his spirit power again and formed a cyclone even bigger than the last one.

At this moment, it began to rain. Raindrops mingled with the rotten smell in the ruins and floated in the air as mist. The black-clothed man withdrew the bow and arrow into his left hand. With his right hand, he gathered the rain and mist and formed a water ball which spun quickly above his palm.

“Transform Water to Weapon.”

With these words, the water ball spinning above his hand turned into a crystal-clear saber.

They resumed fighting with saber and sword and neither of them could gain the upper hand. Their spirit powers intertwined with each other like two dragons, one green and the other white, trying hard to subdue each other. Ouyang Xiaoleng had never fought with such a powerful rival before. Due to his lack of experience in real battles and the fact that he had just activated the Silver Fox God’s power in his body, he began to feel a bit tired after several rounds of attacks. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to continue with full force; if his spirit power weakened, he’d be severely wounded by his opponent.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

As the fight continued, the black-clothed man’s attacks began to slow down. Ouyang Xiaoleng knew this was his only chance of winning; if he missed it, the result would be unpredictable. Focusing his mind, he mustered all his strength and launched a series of stormy attacks at the black-clothed man, giving his rival and himself no chance to back down.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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