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[My Youth Began With Him] Glossary

Here’s the list, and just use ctrl-f to navigate, or command-f.

Keep in mind that to prevent spoiler, the description given are what the characters are when they were introduced.

[Version] Up to Webnovel Release


Huo Ming [1] Female main

Ms. Yao [1] Huo Ming’s teacher in highschool

Han Xu [1] The class president in Huo Ming’s high school class

Zhu Lingling [2] aka Lingling, Huo Ming’s best friend

Qin Chu [3] Male main

Liu Siying [3] Highschool classmate, a Qin Chu fangirl, daughter of the president of Tianbao Real Estate

Wei Dong [4] Highschool classmate, was a trouble maker

Ning Zhiyuan [5] Huo Ming’s ex-boyfriend

He Man [12] Nurse, likes Ning Zhiyuan

Jing Zhixin [15] Huo Ming’s little brother

Yang Meirong [16] Huo Ming’s mother

Jing De [17] Huo Ming’s step-father

Huo Zhenghai [21] Huo Family’s head

Huo Siqian [21] Current heir to Huo Family, adopted child of the Huo Family’s matriarch, Mrs. Huo.

Shen Jiani [21] Second lady of Huo Family

Huo Yanyan & Huo Siyi [21]  children of Huo Family’s second lady

Qin Yumin [21] Qin Chu’s father

Wu Zhongxing [25] hospital director

Xu Yan [30] Head nurse in the OB/GYN department

Gao Ran [31] Qin Chu’s Childhood best friend

Jiang Linyue [32] Director of GK’s Design Department

Wei Dong [33] Huo Mian’s high school friend

Lu Yigang [59] the guy that was speeding while drunk and hit Huo Mian’s little brother

Luo Qing [59] the attorney representing Lu Yigang

Gao Meina [67] Daughter of Wind Walk Corporation’s president

Zhao Yihuan [67] Daughter of Saint Knight Media Association

Huang Yue [71] a nurse, friends with Huo Mian

Wei Liao [71] Southern City Corporation’s heir, ranked third of the Four Princes

Shen Mingxi [71] Northern Sea Automotive’s heir, ranked fourth of the Four Princes

Su Yu [71] Ranked first of the Four Princes, runs a top-tier entertainment company

Rick [78] Qin Chu’s friend

Zhu Cheng [81] A doctor in the Ophthalmology department that likes Huo Mian

Granny Huo [82] Mother of Huo Zhenghai, the only person that Huo Mian liked from the Huo family

Wu Xiaoxue [106] First Hospital director’s niece

Lin Mingyu [120] The head nurse’s cousin

Han Dongdong [141] Chief of the Hospital Laboratory Department

Yuan Fenfen [149] The pregnant woman saved by Huo Mian

Jiang Hong [157] Matriarch of the Huo Family, foster mother of Huo Siqian

Mr. Song [177] Qin Chu’s Lawyer

Song Lin [189] Head nurse of the South Side Recuperation Center, 34D

Wang Tingting [189] Nurse at the South Side Recuperation Center

Nannan [190] Night-shift nurse at South Side Recuperation Center

Xiaomei [190] Night-shift nurse at South Side Recuperation Center

Luo Feifei [199] Famous celebrity, spokesperson for GK

Zhao Qingya [244] A big celebrity under Su Yu’s company

Lisa [273] Su Yu’s assistant at Imperial Star Entertainment

Mian Mian [273] A celebrity under Su Yu’s company, aka Cotton Candy

Wang Shuang [273] A celebrity under Su Yu’s company

Zheng Yanru [276] A girl Jing Zhixin went to movie with

Guo Yumin [279] Deputy director at South Side

Tang Chuan [Forgot] H---y monkey, and close friends with Su Yu and Wei Liao

Lin Xuejiao [293] Works at the popo station with Gao Ran, went on one date with Gao Ran.

Deng Kai [305] a second-gen heir Zhu Lingling dated for a bit

Zhou Guangming [305] heir of Tian Fu Mining, not that smart but pretty h---y.

Shen Ao [306] Zhou Guangming’s brother-in-law, knows Su Yu pretty well

Auntie Wu [326] Yang Meirong’s neighbor

Xu Liang [326] Yang Meirong’s son, likes Huo Mian

Mr. Zhang [338] Zhang Shaochang, the number one lawyer in town, hired by Zhou Guangming’s family

Dennis Wu [345] the famous lawyer Qin Chu hired for Huo Mian in the lawsuit against Zhou Guangming

Zhou Guanghui [348] Zhou Guangming’s little sister

Feng Yiqing [401] director of South Side’s Engineering Department, Deputy Director Guo’s brother-in-law

Wang Tao [414] deputy manager of GK’s IT department

Huang Jiaming [438] Huo Mian’s patient at South Side, 17 years old, likes League of Legends, has mania

An [470] one of Su Yu’s secretaries

Doctor Lan [534] the doctor that delivered Huo Mian

Ni Yang [551] a famous celebrity that Huo Mian encountered at South Side

Yingzi [551] Ni Yang’s agent

Jiang Xiaowei [569] Gao Ran’s colleague

Jian Tong [572] a celebrity under Su Yu’s brand

Wang Dahai [609] the guy that skimmed on the construction and caused the incident in T-City

Mo Xue’er [613] a famous celebrity that likes Huo Siqian

Wu Xinyue [657] Wu Xiaoxue’s daughter

Wang Ming [712] Deputy director of Livi Style Magazine

Song Yishi [754]

Song Qingguo [755] Song Yishi’s uncle, the director of State Land Administration.

Song Jianguo [755] Song Yishi’s father, mayor of C city.

Xie Juan [772] Ni Yang’s father

Xu Qiushan [875] Su Yu’s grandpa’s comrade

Xu Jiamin [875] Su Yu’s grandpa’s comrade’s grand-daughter

Zhu Xiu [886] Shen Jiani’s first love and the one she’s cuckolding Huo Zhenghai with; Huo Siyi’s actual dad

Yang Xiuping [1101] Yang Meirong’s older brother’s daughter






  1. The characters are so well placed. The story won a place in my heart. Thank u Noodletown

  2. Iove the story too much

  3. Shreya

    What will happen to win chu ?? Why would he leave for states??

  4. Amazing… One of my favorite story… Thank you so much Noodletown.


    When will Ian die, will he ever die?

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