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Keep in mind that to prevent spoiler, the description given are what the characters are when they were introduced.

[Version] Up to Webnovel Release


Huo Ming [1] Female main

Ms. Yao [1] Huo Ming’s teacher in highschool

Han Xu [1] The class president in Huo Ming’s high school class

Zhu Lingling [2] aka Lingling, Huo Ming’s best friend

Qin Chu [3] Male main

Liu Siying [3] Highschool classmate, a Qin Chu fangirl, daughter of the president of Tianbao Real Estate

Wei Dong [4] Highschool classmate, was a trouble maker

Ning Zhiyuan [5] Huo Ming’s ex-boyfriend

He Man [12] Nurse, likes Ning Zhiyuan

Jing Zhixin [15] Huo Ming’s little brother

Yang Meirong [16] Huo Ming’s mother

Jing De [17] Huo Ming’s step-father

Huo Zhenghai [21] Huo Family’s head

Huo Siqian [21] Current heir to Huo Family, adopted child of the Huo Family’s matriarch, Mrs. Huo.

Shen Jiani [21] Second lady of Huo Family

Huo Yanyan & Huo Siyi [21]  children of Huo Family’s second lady

Qin Yumin [21] Qin Chu’s father

Wu Zhongxing [25] hospital director

Xu Yan [30] Head nurse in the OB/GYN department

Gao Ran [31] Qin Chu’s Childhood best friend

Jiang Linyue [32] Director of GK’s Design Department

Wei Dong [33] Huo Mian’s high school friend

Lu Yigang [59] the guy that was speeding while drunk and hit Huo Mian’s little brother

Luo Qing [59] the attorney representing Lu Yigang

Gao Meina [67] Daughter of Wind Walk Corporation’s president

Zhao Yihuan [67] Daughter of Saint Knight Media Association

Huang Yue [71] a nurse, friends with Huo Mian

Wei Liao [71] Southern City Corporation’s heir, ranked third of the Four Princes

Shen Mingxi [71] Northern Sea Automotive’s heir, ranked fourth of the Four Princes

Su Yu [71] Ranked first of the Four Princes, runs a top-tier entertainment company

Rick [78] Qin Chu’s friend

Zhu Cheng [81] A doctor in the Ophthalmology department that likes Huo Mian

Granny Huo [82] Mother of Huo Zhenghai, the only person that Huo Mian liked from the Huo family

Wu Xiaoxue [106] First Hospital director’s niece

Lin Mingyu [120] The head nurse’s cousin

Han Dongdong [141] Chief of the Hospital Laboratory Department

Yuan Fenfen [149] The pregnant woman saved by Huo Mian

Jiang Hong [157] Matriarch of the Huo Family, foster mother of Huo Siqian

Mr. Song [177] Qin Chu’s Lawyer

Song Lin [189] Head nurse of the South Side Recuperation Center, 34D

Wang Tingting [189] Nurse at the South Side Recuperation Center

Nannan [190] Night-shift nurse at South Side Recuperation Center

Xiaomei [190] Night-shift nurse at South Side Recuperation Center

Luo Feifei [199] Famous celebrity, spokesperson for GK

Zhao Qingya [244] A big celebrity under Su Yu’s company

Lisa [273] Su Yu’s assistant at Imperial Star Entertainment

Mian Mian [273] A celebrity under Su Yu’s company, aka Cotton Candy

Wang Shuang [273] A celebrity under Su Yu’s company

Zheng Yanru [276] A girl Jing Zhixin went to movie with

Guo Yumin [279] Deputy director at South Side

Tang Chuan [Forgot] H---y monkey, and close friends with Su Yu and Wei Liao

Lin Xuejiao [293] Works at the popo station with Gao Ran, went on one date with Gao Ran.

Deng Kai [305] a second-gen heir Zhu Lingling dated for a bit

Zhou Guangming [305] heir of Tian Fu Mining, not that smart but pretty h---y.

Shen Ao [306] Zhou Guangming’s brother-in-law, knows Su Yu pretty well

Auntie Wu [326] Yang Meirong’s neighbor

Xu Liang [326] Yang Meirong’s son, likes Huo Mian

Mr. Zhang [338] Zhang Shaochang, the number one lawyer in town, hired by Zhou Guangming’s family

Dennis Wu [345] the famous lawyer Qin Chu hired for Huo Mian in the lawsuit against Zhou Guangming

Zhou Guanghui [348] Zhou Guangming’s little sister

Feng Yiqing [401] director of South Side’s Engineering Department, Deputy Director Guo’s brother-in-law

Wang Tao [414] deputy manager of GK’s IT department

Huang Jiaming [438] Huo Mian’s patient at South Side, 17 years old, likes League of Legends, has mania

An [470] one of Su Yu’s secretaries

Doctor Lan [534] the doctor that delivered Huo Mian

Ni Yang [551] a famous celebrity that Huo Mian encountered at South Side

Yingzi [551] Ni Yang’s agent

Jiang Xiaowei [569] Gao Ran’s colleague

Jian Tong [572] a celebrity under Su Yu’s brand

Wang Dahai [609] the guy that skimmed on the construction and caused the incident in T-City

Mo Xue’er [613] a famous celebrity that likes Huo Siqian

Wu Xinyue [657] Wu Xiaoxue’s daughter

Wang Ming [712] Deputy director of Livi Style Magazine

Song Yishi [754]

Song Qingguo [755] Song Yishi’s uncle, the director of State Land Administration.

Song Jianguo [755] Song Yishi’s father, mayor of C city.

Xie Juan [772] Ni Yang’s father

Xu Qiushan [875] Su Yu’s grandpa’s comrade

Xu Jiamin [875] Su Yu’s grandpa’s comrade’s grand-daughter

Zhu Xiu [886] Shen Jiani’s first love and the one she’s cuckolding Huo Zhenghai with; Huo Siyi’s actual dad

Yang Xiuping [1101] Yang Meirong’s older brother’s daughter