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[My Youth Began With Him] Quotes


“If the world lacks justice, I will become the justice you need.” – Qin Chu

“Those that are pathetic certainly have some reason to be despised.” – Huo Mian (Chap 208)

“No wonder you’re wearing an oversized uniform. It’s because they’re tiny.” – Su Yu (Chap 210) (What Not to Say to Girls 101)

“If the whole world betrays you, then I will betray the entire world with you, without hesitation.” – Huo Mian (Chap 239)

“You are exactly right, that’s what it is. So, what do you think I should do to get her?”

“R*pe her.”

“Get lost.” Su Yu lost his patience when he saw how off the grid Wei Liao was.

“Really, I’m not joking. I think that if you like her, just sleep with her, even if it’s r*pe. You’ll end up in jail at most, but if you’re scared of ending up in jail for her, then you’re not qualified to say that you love her. If you end up in jail, then wait until you get out, and keep r*ping her after you get out, then go back to jail, and r*pe when you get out. You’ll just have to r*pe her until she questions her life.”  – Wei Liao’s “wise words” (Chap 257)

“If it’s just friendship, then be friends if you can. Don’t be so greedy, because love is extreme – if it’s not for life, then you will become strangers” – Some random dude (Chap 698)

“It felt like he was having his period, although he didn’t actually know how that felt.” – Big Vajayjay Su Yu (Chapter 698)

“He had a thousand reasons to see her, but the only thing he was missing was the status to be able to.” – Su Yu (Chapter 796)




  1. Translator whats that suppose to mean?? Su Yu said “its because their tiny?” Did he saw something he shouldn’t OMG. ?

  2. yona

    more~!! Hou Min has a lot to say xD

  3. Mian

    haha…..wei lao’s “wise words”

  4. Jean Allen Alisna

    More please? ??

  5. Lana huang

    Why are u not updating anymore?? My youth Began with him

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