Some spoilers were be presented in question format, acting as guiding questions.

Before Chapter 100:

  • I must say, girls’ intuition is scary… so many people are dead on with the Huo Siqian character.  One reader was innocent enough to comment, “hope he becomes a good character in the future”. But no honey, only more and more ugly side gets revealed about him.
  • Huo Mian’s mother treats her really poorly, and Huo Mian’s dad is an a-s. But maybe, there is more that will be revealed later on in the story about why Huo Mian was nothing like those two, who are introduced as her biological parents, for now.

Chapter 127:

  • Huo Siqian referred to Huo Mian as his “dearrest sister”…

Chapter 217

  • “Huo Mian’s appearance was strange in that she didn’t look like Huo Zhenghai at all, nor did she look like Yang Meirong.” Hinting that Huo Mian’s parents was someone else.

Chapter 316:

  • “Very well. It’s fortunate that Mian is alright, or else Zhou Guangming would be in the crematory right now, not the First Hospital.” Huo Siqian wasn’t joking about sending people to the crematory. He’s a murderer.

Chapter 413:

  • “Qin Yumin said earnestly, ‘Things wouldn’t have gotten this bad if you hadn’t gone to their house to cause a scene. I hear that her mother was pretty seriously injured, and I think you overdid it this time. It’s not weird for Huo Mian to treat you like that.'” — Qin Yumin even thought that her wife pushing Huo Mian’s mom over was overdoing it, how could he possibly have told their chauffer to kill Huo Mian/her dad back then

Chapter 256:

  • “I’m not sure. I was suffering from dystocia and it took a long time before I successfully gave birth to you. I was mostly under and was unaware of things going on at the health center. However, we left immediately after I gave birth to you. Uncle Jing didn’t like the surroundings and told me to rest at home.” — It seemed like Uncle Jing was involved in this whole baby-switching incident. Maybe the death of Uncle Jing has something to do with Huo Mian’s identity